Recycle! Repurpose! Reuse Tee Shirts

It is truly amazing to learn how much clothing an average American tosses out!  Can you believe it's more than 68 pounds of clothing per year?

Creating something useful doesn’t have to take a lot of time or expensive supplies!

This page is all about things to do with old T-shirts!  We know you have a lot or are throwing away a lot. 

It’s OK.  You can admit it.  You tire of them, and they get grungy over time. Maybe some are so special that you can’t part with them, but they are sitting in a box somewhere never to be seen.

Now is the time to recycle old T-shirts instead of tossing them, and it’s time to create something with those special T-shirts you are saving. 

We have gathered the best ideas out there so let’s get started!


Make T-Shirt yarn.  There is so much you can make with the yarn you create from old T-shirts.  Use the yarn to crochet, knit, knot, or weave to make beautiful new items to wear, use, or decorate your home. 

Check out our tutorial for making T-shirt yarn!

Turn them into a quilt.  Those special T-shirts you’ve been saving from special events or times in your life can be cut and made into a beautiful quilt or pillow.  Get those special shirts out of that old box!

Turn t-shirts into tote bags.  Old T-shirts make great bags for groceries or toting your items around.  A few simple cuts, and you have the perfect bag! We even have ideas for purses!

Decorate your home.  T-shirt recycling is great for pillows, rugs, placemats, and so much more.

Create useful kitchen accessories.  Use the T-shirt yarn to knit, crochet, or weave pot holders, placemats, cleaning tools and more!

Make a toy for your favorite pet.  We have several ideas to use T-shirts and T-shirt yarn to make fun toys for that kitty or pup in your life.

Create new clothes.  You can make beautiful scarves, headbands, halter tops, aprons, and more!

This is just a partial list of ideas we’ve found for you!  Our page is loaded with T-shirt recycling ideas.

Don’t buy more!!!  It’s time to recycle the old into new, usable items to save the earth and save you money!

And then, have yourself a Tee Party!!!

Recycle! Repurpose! Reuse Tee Shirts

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DIY T-Shirt Crafts #ad

From Braided Bracelets to Floor Pillows, 50 Unexpected Ways to Recycle Your Old T-Shirts by Adrianne Surian - Paperback - Published 2015 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Jersey Yarn Creations #ad

This book has 20 projects to crochet or knit using jersey yarn, also known as T-shirt, fabric and textile yarn, is a chunky, stretchy yarn made from strips of jersey fabric. by Alexandre Callier-Taylor - Paperback - Published 2015 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Making Jewelry with T-Shirt Yarn #ad

How to Create Fabulous Fabric Accessories by Lorine Mason - Paperback - Published 2013 Affiliate Link to Amazon

T-Shirt Yarn #ad

This book gives 24 great projects to crochet and knit using t-shirt yarn. by Sandra Dr Lebrun - Paperback - Published 2014 Affiliate Link to Amazon

The Upcycled T-Shirt #ad

28 Easy-to-Make Projects That Save the Planet • Clothing, Accessories, Home Decor & Gifts by Jenelle Montilone - Paperback - Published 2015 Affiliate Link to Amazon

How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt

Do you have piles of t-shirts around the house with sentimental value that you don't wear? Make a t-shirt quilt.

T-Shirt Yarn - How to Make T-Shirt Yarn

Learn how to make one continuous strip of t-shirt yarn from a T-shirt. T-shirt yarn is also known as T-yarn. Upcycle old tee shirts into yarn and have fun crocheting, knitting, macrame and weaving with it.

T-shirt yarn is a suitable substitute for elastic when making cloth face masks.

Butterfly Purse

Turn an old t-shirt into a butterfly purse with these simple steps! Craft Bits

Canvas T-Shirt Art

What do you do when your kid has a lot of t-shirts that they love but they have outgrown. You turn them into something cool canvas art! Reuse Grow Enjoy


Making t-shirt yarn carnations are quite simple with this tutorial. The Little Tresures

Cat Cave

With a t-shirt and a cardboard box, construct a cat cave for your feline friend. Sadie Seasongoods

Cat Tent

This cat tent is super easy to make - you really just need a t-shirt, some wire hangers and a piece of cardboard. By Jessy Ratfink at Instructables

Cloth Napkins

Upcycle your t-shirts in cloth napkins with this free tutorial. Hello Sewing

Dog Toy

Don't buy expensive dog toys when you can make one. This homemade dog toy is perfect for tug-of-war games or fetch. It's easy to make; even kids can put it together. Craft Bits

Doll Infinity Scarf

How to make a doll infinity scarf from t-shirt yarn for an American Girl Doll or 18" doll. This is a super quick and easy project.

Doll No-Sew T-Shirt

Learn how to make a quick and easy no-sew tee shirt for an 18" doll (American Girl doll).

Duster Cover

It's easy to dust your home if you use the reusable duster make from t-shirt yarn. With this free pattern, knit a duster cover for your swiffer. Verdigris Knits

Fabric Flower

How to Make Fabric Flowers from Old T-shirts. Delightfully Noted

Fringe T-Shirt Scarf

Make a fringe t-shirt scarf in five minutes or less! Cute, comfy, and customizable! Scratch and Stitch

Gift Bag

A t-shirt gift bag is a fun and fairly easy way to wrap a gift. Learn how on this webpage. Sum of Their Stories


Create hairbands from old t-shirts. Happiest Camper

Headbands From T-Shirts

Live frugally, look fashionable with homemade t-shirt headbands. Here is a free tutorial. Freebie Finding Mom


Repurpose an over-sized tee shirt into an art apron.

No-Sew Halter Top

This project shows how to transform a tee shirt into a halter top without having to sew anything. Found In The Ali

Old Shirt Pillow

Upcycle a shirt into a pillow cover with this easy tutorial. Scratch and Stitch


This DIY will show you how to make a t-shirt pillow in two different ways. Jezebel

Reversible DIY Cowl

Upcycle t-shirt into a fashionable cowl with crochet edge. The Yellow Birdhouse

Snowflake Christmas Gift Pouch

Learn how to paint a snowflake gift pouch made from recycled t-shirt sleeves. Oh The Things We'll Make

T-Shirt Cat Toy

Make sooo easy cat toys by repurposing t-shirts. Muslin and Merlot

T-Shirt Pillow

A great shirt to make into a throw pillow. Here is a tutorial to show you how. Ruffles and Stuff

T-Shirt PIllow

A video on how to sew a t-shirt pillow.

T-Shirt Quilt

Whether from concerts, sports teams, or other events, create a keepsake by turning favorite T-shirts into a memory-filled quilt. Sometimes t-shirt logos are different sizes. This t-shirt quilt top is assembled in seven vertical rows - four narrow and three wide. All People Quilt

T-shirt Rug

Do you have any T-shirts lying around that you don’t wear anymore? How about making a T-shirt rug. Read this free tutorial to learn how. The Happy Housewife

T-Shirt Tote

How to make a t-shirt tote bag by recycling an old tee shirt. This simple and quick tote bag can be made in less than a half hour and is so easy to make even someone learning to use can made it.

T-Shirt Wall Art

You can easily repurpose a t-shirt into wall art with this tutorial. The Boon Docks

T-shirt Yarn - Joining Two Pieces

A video on how to join two pieces of t-shirt yarn together without sewing. This is a quick method for joining t-shirt yarn.

T-shirt Yarn - Joining Two Pieces (Method #2)

A video showing how to join two pieces of t-shirt yarn together using a few small stitches.

T-Shirt Yarn Necklace - How to Make

A t-shirt yarn necklace is a great project for kids, tweens, teens and adults. It is SUPER QUICK and SUPER EASY and SUPER FUN .


Decorative tassels from old unwanted t-shirts can be made in about 15 minutes and you only need a pair of sharp scissors. Read the instructions. My Poppet Makes

Tee Shirt Scarf Tutorial

Even a beginner can sew this t-shirt scarf. If you can sew a straight line you can do it. Cut Out and Keep

Tee Shirt Tote Bag

Have a drawer full of t-shirts that you never wear? Turn them into reusable shopping totes, and reclaim that drawer space. The Balance Everyday

Tote Bag - T-shirt Tote Bag

Are you looking for a great, low-cost recycling project to do at home or with a group? Try this T-shirt tote bag. Instructables

Upcycle Baby Clothes Into Bibs

Don’t throw out those stained baby outfits! Upcycle them into bibs using this free tutorial. Scratch and Stitch

Upcycled Curtain Tie Backs

Repurpose items! How to make curtain tie backs by upcycling materials around the house including tee shirt curtain tie backs and jeans tie backs. Our Daily Craft

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