Upcycle Neckties

I remember as a young girl being very intrigued with my dad’s neckties.  Maybe it was because he wore them only for special occasions, or maybe it was knowing I wasn’t going to be wearing a necktie as a girl.

Who really knows what makes young girls curious about things like neckties?

Anyway, fast forward to the closet shared with my husband. He has a very nice necktie rack full of ties that range from quirky and fun to serious and classic.

I never paid much attention when he would go through his ties periodically and take out the ones he was ready to donate.

Not anymore!  There are hundreds of necktie craft ideas just waiting out there!  And here I am, without neckties!!!

If you want to do some of these old tie crafts but are lacking enough ties, the thrift store is the place to go!  Those neckties are not much more than a dollar each, and many of them have so much character!

The first crafts with neckties that I saw were necktie quilts.  They were just beautiful. Making quilts using old neckties is still popular, but there are now so many other wonderful crafts made with upcycled neckties.

We have scrounged the internet for ideas and projects that are old tie crafts to make using those upcycled neckties.

Necktie Quilts

For those looking for necktie quilt patterns, there are many below to be explored.

Maybe you want to make a popular string necktie quilt.  These are lovely when completed, and there are several great tutorials below. These scrappy quilts are a wonderful way to upcycle neckties!  You may be interested in some of the other scrappy quilts we have on this site!

The Dresden Plate is another popular necktie quilt block pattern.  There are so many different and interesting tutorials below to upcycle neckties into this very traditional quilt block.

The patterns are all a little bit different, and each one is beautiful.  One of the Dresden Plate tutorials below explains how to use and where to buy a plastic ready-made ruler to cut the neckties without having to create a template.  Here are some great Dresden Plate templates that would be helpful.

Necktie Jewelry 

There are lots of unique ideas to upcycle those old neckties into jewelry on this page. It's true that it is possible to create fashionable jewelry crafts with neckties!

There are several tutorials on how to make a necktie bracelet or cuff, which would be a nice way to use a special necktie that has sentimental meaning.

The tutorial for making necklaces and the one for making rosettes to pin on clothing or clip on shoes is a whole new idea with what to do with old neckties!  It's definitely a time to say, “Wow! I never thought of that!”.

Necktie Craft Ideas for Clothing and Bags

The unique bags to make with upcycled neckties are amazing!  There are patterns for small zippered pouches, various purses, and shoulder bags to take a look at below.

The necktie craft idea of making clothing out of ties was hard to grasp, until looking at the beautiful belts, skirts, dresses, and cowls to sew.  It is truly a sight to see all of the ideas for necktie clothing that are available below. 

Other Ways to Upcycle Neckties

Looking for cases for sunglasses, ipod, or sewing tools?  Look no further than this page!  How about something for the home like new chair cushions, pillows, or even a wall clock?  They are on this page, just check them out below!

Those of us here at make it a point to share many ways to recycle, reuse or upcycle items!  Be sure to take a look at our trash to treasure page for more ideas.

There are so many more crafts with neckties for you to check out.  Just scroll down and see what to do with those old neckties!

Upcycle Neckties

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"Tie"ing Up Loose Ends - Using Men's Ties

Lots of ideas for using men's ties. Phoebe Moon quilt Designs

“Tying” Up a Scrappy Quilt

Learn how to make a string necktie quilt. It's A T-Sweet Day

5 Minute Headband

Yes, in about 5 minutes you can make a headband with an old vintage necktie. Crafting a Green World


How to make a cute belt from an old necktie. Be Spangled Jewelry

Button Cuff

Transform an old or vintage necktie into a bracelet. At Charlotte's House

Chair Seat

How to make a chair seat with old neckties. Tool Girl

Crafts Using Neck Ties

Ideas and craft tips for using old neck ties. Thrifty Fun

Cuff Bracelet

Transform a skinny necktie into a cuff bracelet. Her Campus

Dresden Necktie Quilt

A tutorial on make a Dresden pattern out of old ties for a quilt. Just Give Me a Needle

iPhone or iPad Pouch

Refashion a tie into a pouch with this free DIY tutorial. Be Spangled Jewelry

Men's Neckties Quilt

A men's tie quilt is the perfect memory quilt. This tutorial is a Dresden tie quilt. Lavender Quilting

Monogrammed Necktie Coffee Cuff

A perfect gift idea for Father's Day! A recycled necktie cup cozy. Dukes and Duchesses

Neck Tie School Bag

Neck Tie School Bag

Recycle neck ties by transforming into a bag.

Neck Tie Shoulder Bag

Neck Tie Shoulder Bag

This recycled sewing pattern shows you how to recycle old neckties into a simple shoulder tote. Craft Bits

Necktie Fabric Boutonniere

Repurpose vintage and thrift-shop silk neckties to make elegant wearable rosettes. Craft Foxes

Necktie Lampshade

Add a masculine touch to a room by making a necktie lampshade with this tutorial. Dukes and Duchesses

Necktie Necklace

A new twist on a necktie. By pleating and embellishing transform a necktie into a unique necklace. By StylesByAna at Instructable

Necktie Quilt

How to make a necktie quilt. Crafty House

Necktie Quilt Instructions

Basic information on making a necktie quilt. Anita's Piecing and Quilting Tutorials

Necktie Refashion Into Necklace or Wallet

If you have old neckties, you can make projects. All Free Sewing

Necktie Rug

Here is how to make a very quick and simple floor rug using old neckties. Sew and Tell Quilts

Necktie String Quilt

As inspiration, this is a photo of a necktie string quilt. It is a way to use old neckties. No instructions. Just picture. Flickr

Necktie Sunburst Clock

A unique idea for using old neckties - a clock. Petal and Ply

New Ideas for Old Neckties

Fun ideas...

Patriotic Necktie Wreath

Choose red, white and blue ties and transform them into a patriotic wreath. Sadie Seasongoods


Craft a fashionable pillow with neckties. Better Homes and Garden

Quilt - Necktie Quilt

A tutorial on making squares from old neckties and then turning the squares into a quilt. Quilts by Kate

Silk Tie Quilt

A simple but very attractive design for using neckties. Hopeful Homemaker


A basic tutorial on how to make a skirt with neckties. Rick Rack Ruby

Skirt - Necktie Skirt

Instructions for making a necktie skirt. Instructiables

Steampunk Necktie Dress

Let's Get Creative with a dress from neckties. By Griffin Street Productions at Instructables

Vintage Necktie Cowl

A vintage tie, a sew ripper, a button and a few common sewing items is all you need to upcycle a necktie into a fashionable cowl. Crafting a Green World

Wine Tote

This Necktie Wine Tote is made from two ties. Three seams on your sewing machine and it’s done. Super simple! The Girl Creative

Zip Bag from Old Ties

This is a very simple sewing project which uses up stained and old ties. Polka Dot Chair

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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