Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle and Upcycle Your Greeting Cards!

Reuse, Recycle, Upcycle Those Greeting Cards!

If you get those cute, lovely, and beautiful cards sent to you in December and don’t want to toss them after the holidays, we have great ideas for you to recycle those Christmas cards.

Our family loves to receive Christmas cards.  Not just “enjoys” or “likes” but LOVES!!

When the first card of the season arrives, my daughters fight over who gets to open it.  It’s like that all season long. 

Even my husband likes to have a chance to open them, so I hide away a card every few days until he arrives home from work. 

Once the cards are opened each day, they have a short stay in a special pile for everyone in the family to read before they are taped up on the large pantry doors in our kitchen.

In January, after all of the Christmas decorations are put away and safely stored until next year, the final solitary decoration left of the holiday, our card covered pantry doors, is the last to go.

Before I started keeping these cards for crafts, it was painful to take down the cards and throw them away.

On this page you will find a great collection of crafts that will help you repurpose your Christmas cards.

And don’t forget about the hodge-podge of leftover cards you have from the boxes of cards you’ve sent over the past years!  With those leftover identical cards, you can make some very nicely coordinated ornaments and other crafts.

We have a link to the directions for a lovely pine cone shaped ornament using themed and same-colored cards.  You have to check that one out!  I was very excited when I found that one to try.  So very pretty!

Many of you might remember that once popular hexagon basket made by lacing together Christmas cards but don’t have the instructions to recreate it.  Never fear; we found a great site with directions for you. 

I kid you not, when we were going through old storage boxes, we found a hexagon basket laced together with bright red yarn that my husband had made when he was in the fourth grade!

It was a bit nostalgic to see the (very) old style of Christmas cards that were popular at the time it was made.

Many of the ideas we have for you can be done with children, making them a great resource for teachers or parents who want a family-friendly project.

You’ll find ideas for a wide variety of ornaments, Christmas garlands, wreaths, and even a tutorial on making gift card boxes!

Please keep in mind that St. Jude's Ranch for Children Card Recycle program at: accepts the fronts of recycled cards.  It's a great cause to support if you decide you just don't have the energy to get crafty with your old greeting cards.

If you want to find great recycled greeting card crafts, you have to check these ideas out!!

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