Tutorials of Hand Embroidery Stitches

If you thought you knew all of the stitches used in embroidery, this page may surprise you!  

We have put together a long list of  links to videos and tutorials for basic to advanced embroidery stitches.

When my mother first taught me to do embroidery work, my beginner project was a pillowcase. The design was an array of flowers along the edge of the pillowcase.

I remember starting with the universal chain stitch and back stitch to make the stems and to outline, then moved on to the lazy-daisy, as mom called it, to create flower petals.  

The satin stitch took a long time to master, as I expected perfection in the close proximity of each stitch. Those leaves had better look just like satin to me!

I have vivid memories of learning to make a french knot.  My first attempts were odd shaped bumps with little loops sticking out.  Such sad little knots.  

But when I finally made a smooth, rounded knot like a tiny pearl sitting on that pillowcase, I felt so proud of myself and ready to make hundreds more.  (Although I'm sure my pillowcase didn't demand that many!)

Oh how I loved that knot!  I think it was because I had to really work at it and put so much effort into mastering it, that I really appreciated the look of a perfect little french knot.

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I had the need to learn the blanket stitch so I could hand appliqué on my advancing projects. I'm learning new (to me) stitches all of the time.

Below you will find links to videos and picture tutorials showing many hand embroidery stitches. I'd wager a bet that there are some that you haven't even heard of yet!!

Check out these links!

Tutorials of Hand Embroidery Stitches

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Algerian Eye Stitch

A tutorial showing you how to make the Algerian Eye Stitch, which is also known as the Algerian Eyelet Stitch or the Star Eyelet Stitch.

Backstitch - How to outline a cross stitch design

This video tutorial is on how to outline a cross stitch design using the backstitch. It includes instructions and tips on backstitching.

Backstitch (Video)

This video will show you how to hand embroider the backstitch which is a common outline stitch used in counted cross stitch and embroidery.

Basket Stitch - Video

A embroidery stitch tutorial on how to do the basket stitch.

Blanket Stitch

Learn how to do the blanket stitch with this blanket stitch tutorial. It's used as an edging to attach applique designs, finish felt toys and ornaments, decorate crazy quilts and more.

Blanket Stitch - How to Do Corners (Video)

This tutorial will show you have to go around the corner of a project when doing the blanket stitch. Doing blanket stitch corners is easy.

Blanket Stitch - How to End the Blanket Stitch (Video)

This tutorial is on how-to end the blanket stitch. The tutorial shows how to end the blanket stitch if you have two layers of fabric and if you have one layer of fabric.

Blanket Stitch - Short and Long Blanket Stitch (Video)

Learn how to stitch the short and long blanket stitch which is a variation of the basic blanket stitch. This decorative stitch can be used in crazy quilts and appliqué in addition as a hemstitch on projects.

Braid Stitch

This written tutorial with great pictures is very helpful when learning the complicated braid stitch. Stitch School

Bullion Knot

Text instructions with photos that clearly teach this stitch that is popular on crazy quilts. Pintangle

Buttonhole Stitch

Learn how to use the buttonhole stitch to make flowers, wheels and circles. Kreink

Buttonhole Wheel (Video)

A video on how to do the embroidery techique - buttonhole wheel. Needle 'N Thread

Cable Stitch (Embroidery Stitch)

This video will show how to do the cable embroidery stitch which is a hand embroidery stitch. This needlework stitch is an outline stitch which can be worked along a straight line or curve.

Chain Stitch (Video)

This video is on how to hand embroider a chain stitch. The chain stitch is a series of loops joined together to form a chain. A Chain stitch is used as a decorative outline stitch.

Chevron Stitch (Video)

This video will show you how to embroider the Chevron stitch. The Chevron stitch is worked on two parallel lines and it is a beautiful decorative stitch which is ideal for borders.

Chinese or Pekingese Embroidery Stitch

French Knots

Couching Stitch

Instructions, illustration and video teaching a great stitch for outlining or accenting work. Annie's Craft Store

Cross Stitch

Videos, pictures, and written instructions for two methods for the cross stitch. Annie's Craft Store

Crossed Blanket Stitch

French Knots

Double Cross Stitch (Smyrna Stitch)

Learn how to stitch the double cross stitch on plastic canvas. This stitch is also known as the Smyrna Stitch

Double Herringbone Stitch

This version of double herringbone stitch is also known as Indian herringbone stitch. Learn more here. In A Minute Ago

Double Running Embroidery Stitch

This video will show you how to do the double running embroidery stitch which is also known as the Holbein stitch.


Illustration, instructions and video that teaches the eyelet stitch which is beautiful for fill work and pulled thread work. Annie's Craft Store

Eyelet Hole Embroidery Stitch

How to make the eyelet embroidery stitch. French Knots

Feather Stitch (Video)

How to do the feather stitch. This is a hand-embroidery decorative stitch which creates a vine or branch looking line.

Fern Stitch

Pictures and written instructions for the fern stitch. This stitch is used to create an open, lacy stitch along a straight or curved line frequently seen in crazy quilts. Embroidery

Fern Stitch

Photos and written directions to make this stitch made of three straight stitches. Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials

Fishbone Stitch

This site has nice photos and written directions for the fishbone Stitch, perfect for making leaves or feathers. Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials

Fishbone Stitch (Video)

A video on how to do the Fishbone stitch. Needle 'N Thread


Instructions, illustration and video showing the technique of this single detached stitch, much like the feather stitch. Annie's Craft Store

French Knot (Video)

A tutorial on how to do the French knot.

Half Cross Stitch

A tutorial showing how to do the half cross stitch on plastic canvas. This is a basic needlepoint stitch which is stitched diagonally over one bar.

Half Cross-Stitch

Simply the first part of a cross-stitch which can be slanted in either direction. Annie's Craft Store

Herringbone Stitch (Video)

This video will show how to stitch the herringbone stitch. The herringbone stitch is a popular embroidery stitch often used for borders.

Jacquard Stitch

Create Needlepoint

Kloster Blocks (Hardanger)

Learn how to do the kloster block in hardanger. Caron Collection

Ladder Stitch

A braided stitch in embroiderywork. Stitch School

Lazy Daisy Stitch (Video)

Learn how to do the lazy daisy stitch with this video.

Maidenhair Stitch

An illustration on how to do the Maiden Hair stitch.

Mosaic Stitch

Drawings, photos and written description showing two variations of this simple yet complicated looking stitch design. Threadneedle Street

Mountmellick stitch (Video)

The Mountmellick stitch is a decorative outline stitch. This video will show you how. Needle 'N Thread


Step-by-step instructions and illustrations for needlelace. Heritage Shoppe

Open Fishbone Stitch

Step by step photos and written directions for this extremely easy to learn stitch, much like the fishbone stitch. Kimberly Ouimet

Portuguese Stem Stitch

An illustration on how to do the Portuguese stem stitch.

Queen Stitches

This site has simple drawings of the queen stitch and the vertical queen stitch. Johanna's Needlework Stitches

Rambler Rose Stitch

French Knots

Reverse Mosaic Stitch

Here you will find a drawing, complete with photos, showing three variations of the reverse mosaic stitch. Create Needlepoint

Rhodes Stitch

Kreinik has diagrams for doing three different Rhodes stitch - Rhodes Diamond, Rhodes Octagon, Rhodes Heart. Kreinik

Rhodes Stitch and Variations

The Rhodes stitch adds texture and a 3-dimensional effect to your needlework. Learn how to make the Rhodes stitch. Needlework Tips and Techniques

Roumanian Stitch

Learn how to do the Roumanian stitch which is a stitch with a braided center. Primrose Design

Running Stitch

Instructions, illustations and video. Annie's Attic

Satin Stitch

Instructions, illustrations and video. Annie's Attic

Satin Stitch

The satin stitch is used for filling in a design. Kreink

Slanted Gobelin Stitch

Drawing and photo with written directions to make this filler stitch. Create Needlepoint

Smyrna Stitch (Double Cross Stitch/Snowflake Stitch)

This video will show you how to do the Smyrna Stitch which is a textured stitch which can be used as a filler, as a border and in chicken scratch embroidery. This stitch is also called the double cross stitch or Snowflake stitch.

Spider Web Rose Stitch

This page has drawings and written directions to create the spider web rose stitch, often used for flowers, spider webs, wheels, and circles. Kreink

Split Stitch

Written instructions, along with drawing and photo to make the split stitch that looks like a tiny chain stitch. Impressive yet simple to do. Sublime Stitching

Stem Stitch

Illustration, instructions and video describing how to make the common stitch primarily used for outlining. Annie's Attic

Straight Stitch

Illustration, instructions and video showing how to create the straight stitch, which is the basis of many hand-embroidery stitches. Annie's Attic

Threaded Backstitch

French Knots

Twisted Chain Embroidery Stitch

Drawings and written directions for the twisted chain stitch, a variation of the basic chain stitch that makes the chain twist and form a rope-like chain. Stitch School

Twisted Chain Stitch (Video)

Needle 'N Thread

Vandyke Stitch

This embroidery stitch has a braided center. Learn how to do the Vandyke stitch. Primerose Design

Vandyke Stitch (Video)

A video tutorial of the embroidery stitch - Vandyke stitch. Needle 'N Thread

Wheat Stitch (Video)

The wheat stitch is a variation of the chain stitch. This video will shows how to do the wheat stitch. Needle 'N Thread

Whipped Backstitch

Written directions with simple drawing showing how to make the whipped backstitch which is typically worked in contrasting floss colors. Annie's Attic

Woven Circle Stitch

Do you need to embroider a small circle?  Try the woven circle stitch! This is a beautiful, decorative stitch that can be made on any type of fabric. It is a common stitch used in chicken scratch and floral embroidery.

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