Cross Stitch Calculators

I have been a cross stitch fan since I was introduced to this needlework as a young teen. 

Starting a new project was always exciting, but I also found it a bit overwhelming when I had to start dealing with the numbers and the very difficult calculations related to thread count, fabric size, stitch size, and changing metric to our conventional system (and vice versa!).

I wish I had access to the cross stitch calculators that we have found for you to make your projects simpler. No more scribbles on scrap paper to try to figure the math!

One of the calculators can assist you if you use fabric or threads manufactured in a foreign country.  

This is where the metric system comes in; if you had the poor instruction at school that I had when it came to converting to metrics, you understand the problems stitchers can stumble upon.

You will also find a handy calculator for counted work which will help you determine the size of your fabric based on frame size and the amount of fabric you’d like left around your design. 

This calculator can also determine how big your stitches will be based on the fabric weave of threads per inch, the number of threads you will be stitching across, stitches per inch, and the thread. This will insure you have determined the format of your stitching before you begin.

There is also a link to a wonderfully useful circle and cylinder calculator.  If you would like to make a roll or circular pin cushion, this calculator will help you calculate any size, based on the radius, diameter and circumference of the surface of the circle.

You will find another cross stitch calculator that requires you to input the number of stitches per inch, the number of threads each stitch covers (usually one for aida and two for linen), and how much extra fabric you want for a border and finishing.

The calculator will then output the size of the stitched area, the size of the cut fabric, the size of the tapestry needle, and the number of strands of floss for stitching.

Very handy indeed!

Another useful calculator below will assist you if you want to determine the size of the finished design on a certain fabric. Counted cross stitch and blackwork have a chart to follow for the design. The squares on the chart for your design are not usually the same size as the squares of the fabric you are working with.

The pattern will tell you the size of the design based on a certain weave of fabric.

However, if you wish to make your design larger or smaller, this calculator will tell you which fabric count that you will need. This page also has iPhone and android apps to calculate fabric size.

We also have a fabric size calculator which shows you the size of a pattern design on nine different fabric counts at once. Take a look! You will just love this one!

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a floss conversion calculator.  This is used to help you convert multiple floss codes from the popular brands such as J & P Coats, Anchor, Buciilla, Dimensions, Candamar, Sullivans, and DMC to any of the others. 

You will be able to accurately match colors from one brand to another.

We have more helpful calculators on our site. Check out our beading calculator as well!

Cross Stitch Calculators

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Aida Fabric Calculator

Not sure what size fabric to use for your latest project? Use this simple calculator to find both fabric size and stitched area! 123 Stitch

Calculators for Stitching

Counted work Calculator - calculate the size of the fabric you need; Covert Size Calculator - convert metric to inches. StitchPoint

Completion Time Calculator

Want to know how long it will take to complete a cross-stitch project. Use this handy calculator to estimate how long it will take based on how fast you stitch based on the time it took to complete a previous piece. Thread Bare

Cross stitch calculator

This cross stitch calculator will come in handy if you wish to find out the finished design size on a certain fabric. Counted embroidery techniques such as cross stitch and blackwork are worked from a chart. Needlework Tips & Techniques

Cross Stitch Calculator

Willow Fabrics

Cross Stitch Fabric Calculator

Calculate the correct size of your cross stitch fabric for your project right here on the page. They also have a handy smartphone app version available. Stitching the Night Away

Cross Stitch Fabric Size Calculator

Skip the math! What size cross stitch fabric do you need for a project. Use this helpful calculator. Notorious Needle

Cross Stitch Floss Calculator

This handy cross stitch calculator figures the size of stitch area, fabric size, suggested needle size, and suggested strands of floss for stitching and backstitching. Yarn Tree

Fabric Calculator

This cross stitch calculator will conveniently calculate how much fabric is needed to do a cross stitch project. Scarlet Quince

Fabric Size Calculator

The Fabric Size Calculator quickly shows you how large a pattern will be on eight different fabric counts at one time. Cyber Stitchers

Fabric Size Calculator

An easy to use calculator to work out the size of fabric required for a cross stitch pattern based on the stitches or to convert between fabric counts. Thread Bare

Floss Calculator - Cross Stitch Calculator

This calculators stitch area, fabric size, and suggested number of stands of floss.

Floss Conversion Calculator

Use this tool to convert multiple floss codes from Bucilla, Candamar, Dimensions, J & P Coats, Anchor, and DMC to any of the others. Cyber Stitchers

Floss Strand Count Calculator

Want to make sure you buy the correct number of skeins for your pattern? Use this handy calculator. Thread Bare

Stitches to Inches

Use this chart by Yarn Tree to determine the finished size of a design for various fabric counts. Yarn Tree

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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