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Reuse! Repurpose! Recycle! Upcycle Ideas!

Here it’s all about eco-friendly, recycled, upcycled, repurposed DIY crafts. It’s good for the environment and at the same time, puts some green back into your wallet.

As a thrifty crafter, one of my favorite, quickest and easiest source of free craft materials suitable for kids crafts as well as adult-oriented projects happens to be right at my fingertips.

Let our Trash to Treasure Craft department show you how to upcycle stuff around the house or heading for the garbage bin and turn them in fantastic crafts – turning trash into treasure. The Trash-to-Treasure Crafts departments motto is to Reuse! Repurpose! Recycle! Upcycle! Give it a try and take a look around.

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Book and Magazine Recommendations

  • Folded Book Art Made Easy

    Folded Book Art Made Easy

    Marta DeckerRecycle books into beautiful folded sculptures. This book gives an overview of the art of book folding and includes a detailed instruction chapter that will teach you how to recycle books into folded book sculptures.

  • Birds & Blooms (Magazine)

    Birds & Blooms (Magazine)

    1 Year, 7 issues - Birds & Blooms Magazine offers bird and flower photos, amazing reader-shared 'Bird Tales,' and tips.

Free Items of the Week

  • Dog Toy

    Dog Toy

    Don't buy expensive dog toys when you can make one. This homemade dog toy is perfect for tug-of-war games or fetch. It's easy to make; even kids can put it together.  From  Craft Bits

  • Potholder

    Whether you made your t-shirt yarn yourself or bought it straight off the shelf, anyone from beginner to advanced could enjoy this quick, simple potholder pattern.  From  The Snugglery

  • Rag Rug

    Rag Rug

    This t-shirt rag rug project is a great one to start with when using homemade t-yarn. It has a rustic look.  From  My Poppet Makes

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