DIY Doll Crafts

DIY Doll Crafts

Learn how to make doll clothing, doll accessories and other items for 18" dolls, American Girl Dolls, Barbie dolls and more. Girls have fun making things for your doll.


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Doll Fashion Studio

Sew 20 seasonal outfits for your 18" doll. by Joan Hinds - Paperback - Published 2012 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Doll Skirt (No-Sew) from T-shirt Sleeve for 18" Doll

How to make a no-sew skirt for an American Girl Doll or any 18” doll using an old t-shirt.


Everything For Dolls

Buy high quality trendy and traditional doll clothes and shoes designed to fit American Girl dolls, My Generation dolls and other 18" dolls. They also sell doll furniture and accessories. SHOP NOW!


Headband for American Girl Doll

How to sew a doll headband for an American Girl Doll or other 18" doll.


Sew Baby Doll Clothes

Sewers will follow step-by-step instructions and color photos and illustrations to success in creating their own baby doll clothes. by Joan Hinds - Paperback - Published 2005 Affiliate Link to Amazon


All Dolled Up

Sewing clothes and accessories for girls and their 18-inch doll. by Joan Hinds, Nancy Zieman - Paperback - Published 2010

American Girl Doll Gymnastic Hoop


American Girl Doll Harry Potter Wand

How to make a Harry Potter wand for an American Girl Doll using a dowel, hot glue gun, beads and other craft supplies.


American Girl Doll House Tour

Come take a tour of my American Girl doll house. This updated tour of the doll house will give you ideas and tips on how to store items and furnish your own dollhouse.


American Girl Doll Luciana Vega

Kate purchased Luciana Vega, the 2018 American Doll of the Year.

Kate goes through the unboxing of Luciana Vega and the accessories, showing what comes in each box.


American Girl Doll Mug - Video

How to make a mug for an American Girl Doll or any 18" doll.

Backpack for American Girl Doll

Make a backpack for a doll. My A G Doll Craft


Barbie Doll Bean Bag Chair (A Dollar Store Craft)

How to make a bean bag chair for Barbie. All you need is a knit hat from the dollar store. The bean bag chair cost only $1.


Barbie Doll Dress

Make a Barbie doll dress from plastic grocery bags.


Barbie Doll Skirt

This video explains how to make a Barbie doll skirt from a hat purchased at the dollar store. This is a fun and easy craft project.


Barbie Doll Skirt & Halter Top

This video will show you how to make a skirt and top for a Barbie Doll from a sock.


Barbie Doll Sleeveless Top

Learn how to make a sleeveless top for a Barbie doll. No sewing necessary! This is a quick and fun project.


Barbie Dress (No-Sew)

How to make a no-sew dress for your Barbie doll or 12" doll.


Barbie Hoodie

Learn how to make a Barbie doll hoodie from an old sock.


Barbie No-Sew Shirt

This video will show how to make a simple no-sew shirt for a Barbie Doll, Monster-High doll or other 12” fashion doll.


Barbie Purse - How to make a Barbie Purse

Learn how to make a simple, no-sew, inexpensive purse for a fashion doll with binder clips found at dollar store.


Barbie Skirt

A tutorial on ow to sew a simple skirt for a Barbie doll. This project can be made with scrap fabric.


Barbie Sock Dress

How to make a doll dress from a sock for a fashion doll.

Cabinet for American Girl Doll

How to use a store-bought cabinet and turn into American Girl doll closet. Instructables

Circle Skirt - No-sew Circle Skirt

A skirt for 18" doll or American Girl doll. Sew Adollable


Crayon Box and Coloring Book for American Girl Doll

This video will show you how to make a crayon box and coloring book for your American Girl Doll or any 18" doll.


Denim Jeans Skirt (No Sewing Necessary)

This video will show you how to make a denim jeans skirt for a doll from old jeans. This skirt will fit an American Girl Doll or any 18" doll.


Doll Accessories - Creative Doll Items

If you look around the house, you can find ordinary items you can use for an American Girl Doll, such as erasers, small jars, etc. Watch the video to learn more.


Doll Apron for 18" doll

How to sew a doll apron for an American Girl Doll or any 18" doll. This doll apron is also reversible.


Doll Backpack

Learn how to sew a doll backpack for an American Girl Doll or any 18" doll.


Doll Bed Pillow

Learn how to sew a pillow for a doll pillow with this video.


Doll Bed Quilt

How to make a quilt for a doll bed. This doll bed quilt can be made in any size.


Doll Blanket for 18" Doll

Learn how to make a no-sew blanket or afghan for an 18" doll using fleece or flannel fabric.


Doll Braided Headband

How to make a doll braided headband for American Girl Doll or 18" doll. This headband is made repurposing plastic newspaper covers/sleeves.


Doll Broom

Learn how to make a broom for an American Girl doll. This can be used for a dolls Halloween witch outfit or as a prop for pretending to play quidditch.


Doll Chair for Barbie (Easy!)

How to make a doll chair for Barbie. No sewing or gluing necessary.


Doll Clothes Closet

How to make a doll closet with two American Girl boxes. This project has lots of storage from clothes, shoes, hair items and other accessories. A simple, fun project to do with your child.


Doll Clothes Hanger (Video)

A video on how to make easy, inexpensive doll clothes hangers.

Doll Clutch & Paper Money

An easy to make doll clutch wallet made from felt (you can use fabric or construction paper, too) and duck tape. Doll Diaries


Doll Courtyard for 18" Doll (American Girl Doll)

This video describes how to make a courtyard for an American Girl or other 18 inch dolls.

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