American Girl Doll Socks- Dollar Tree Find

American Girl Doll Socks, Dollar Tree Find

Buying clothes, furniture and accessories for an American Girl Doll can be expensive but it does not have to be. Dollar Tree carries lots of items that can be used with an American Girl doll. Or get crafty and make items yourself.

Here is an item I recently found! This package of baby booties looked like the perfect size for an American Girl doll or 18" doll.

Watch this video and read on to see if booties fit! More Dollar Tree doll finds and many DIY projects are at the end of this article.

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THE BOOTIES FIT PERFECTLY! They can be used as doll socks or slippers.

Dollar Tree Find

Having an American Girl themed birthday party? These can be given as favors.

Dollar Tree Find

If you keep your eyes open when shopping at Dollar Tree, you will find lots of items that can be used for an American Girl Doll or 18" doll. Watch the following video for more Dollar Tree suggestions.

American Girl Dollar Tree Finds

(Click the image below to watch the video on Youtube.)

Dollar Tree Finds for American Girl Doll

(Click the image below to watch the video on Youtube.)

Save money by making clothes, furniture, and accessories for an American Girl Doll or 18" doll. Here are some suggestions:

DOLLHOUSE: American Girl Doll House


Doll Clothes Closet

Doll Clothes Hangers

Doll Mug

Doll Bed Pillow

Doll Bed Quilt

Doll Blanket

Doll House Lamp

Doll Decorative Pillow

Doll Stool

Doll Table - Dollar Store Craft


Apron - American Girl Doll Apron

Dress - American Girl Doll Dress

Halter Top - Doll No-Sew Halter Top

Hat - Fleece Hat with Fringe

Hat - American Girl Doll Hat from Sock

Hat - American Girl Doll Stocking Hat

Mittens - Mittens for American Girl Doll

Poncho - American Girl Doll Poncho

Scarf - American Girl Doll Infinity Scarf

Scarf - Fleece Scarf for American Doll

Scarf - Harry Potter Scarf for American Doll

Skirt - Simple Doll Skirt

Skirt - No-Sew Denim Skirt

Skirt - Doll Skirt with Border

Skirt - Handkerchief Skirt

Skirt - American Doll Skirt from T-shirt Sleeve

Slippers - American Doll Slippers

Socks - American Girl Doll Socks

T-Shirt - American Doll No-Sew T-Shirt

Tutu - American Girl Doll Tutu

Wrap - Shoulder Wrap


American Girl Doll Backpack

Doll Coloring Book and Crayons

Doll Notebook

Doll Pencils

Doll Pencil Case


Braided Headband

Doll Jumping Rope

Pet Collar and Leash

Doll Purse

Doll Smart Phone

Doll Tote Bag

Doll Easter Basket

Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

Halloween Basket with Candy

Hair Bow - Loopy Ribbon Hair Bow

Spa - Spa Eye Mask

Spa - Spa Headband

Spa - Spa Towel Wrap

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Baby Booties

Purchase baby booties to give as a favor at an American Girl Birthday Party here. Affiliate Link to Dollar Tree


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American Girl Doll Socks - Pin

Dollar Tree Find

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