How to Make a Doll Pillow from a Sock

How to make Doll Sock Pillows from a Sock

Learn how to make a Halloween themed doll pillow from a sock with this video and written tutorial.  This pillow would be great for a doll and decoration for a dollhouse. This project is quick and easy to complete and is an excellent way to teach a child how to hand sew.

For this project, you can purchase inexpensive socks from the dollar store or recycle unmatched socks.  

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  • Sock
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Pins


Find some fun themed socks like the Halloween ones we found.  Inexpensive socks can be found for almost any occasion or holiday.  

Search your sock drawer for old socks which no longer have a matching sock.  This is a great way to come up with interesting socks for pillows.


Cut off the top of the sock.


Cut the sock right above the heel.


Turn the sock inside out.


With the needle and thread, use a running stitch to stitch closed one side of the sock. Knot the thread when you get to the end and snip the thread. A link to a tutorial on how to do the running stitch is here.

Doll Pillow from a Sock Tutorial - pin


Turn the sock right-side out and fill it with poly-fil.


Turn the raw edge under and pin it in place.


Then whip stitch the end closed. When you finished whip stitching the end closed, tie a knot at the end and snip the thread.Doll Pillows from a Sock Tutorial - Finished

That's It! The Halloween themed doll pillow is finished. You can make pillows for the dollhouse with other themes such as Christmas, Easter, etc. Or just make pillows with plain socks. has many other Doll Craft Video Tutorials.  So, click the link and check them out!

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