Doll Clothes Closet - How to make a closet for American Girl Dolls

American Girl Doll Clothes Closet Tutorial

How to make a double closet for a doll from American Girl doll boxes.

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Two American Girl Doll Boxes
Small American Girl Accessory Box
Small Plastic Storage Box
Hot Glue Gun
1/2" Wooden Dowel, slightly longer than width of the two boxes together

1. With a hanger decide where you want the clothes rod to be in the closet. Then use a pencil to mark the spot. Measure this spot and mark all box sides the same distance from top and front.

2. Make holes in each side of the boxes to hold the dowel which will be the clothes rod. Have an adult help drill the holes in the boxes with a drill or poke the holes with a scissor.

3. Once the holes are done, slide the dowel through the holes in one of the boxes.

4. With adult supervision, hot glue the side of the box. Then stick the two boxes together by placing the dowel through the holes in the second box and holding the boxes together for about 10 seconds.

5. Hot glue the ends of the dowel that stick out the sides of the boxes. This will prevent the dowel from shifting. These dowel ends can be used to hang hats or other accessories.

6. Place an American Girl Small Doll box or other accessory box in the bottom of one side of the closet to store shoes.

7. Use a small plastic storage box, that has drawers, in the bottom of the other side of the closet to store hats, scarves, hair accessories and other items for the doll.

The closet is complete!

This doll closet is a quick and fun project and a great way to recycle doll boxes.

Kate was extremely happy the way the clothes closet turned out because it has lots of storage for clothes, shoes, hats, scarves and doll accessories.

How To Make Doll Clothes Hangers

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American Girl Doll Clothes Closet Tutorial

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