Learn to make a Doll Scarf from Loop Yarn (American Girl Doll)

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Make a quick and easy scarf for your doll using loopy yarn.  This yarn lets you knit without knitting needles or even knowing how to knit.  We also have other loop yarn tutorials, so click that link if you need more instructions.

This project is a wonderful way to use up scraps of leftover loop yarn from other projects.  One skein of loop yarn could make many of these scarves!

Also, look below for places to purchase the loop yarn. By purchasing items through our links, we get a small commission and you help us to keep making more videos. Thanks in advance for your purchase!

Watch this video tutorial or read on to learn how to make a loop yarn doll scarf.

Watch our Video Below or Click the link to watch Learn to make a Doll Scarf from Loop Yarn (American Girl Doll) in Youtube.


  • Leftover Loop Yarn (Red Heart, Lion Brand, Bernat or others)
  • Scissors


The scarf is three stitches wide.  You can stitch 30 - 35 rows, adjusting the length as desired.  Always keep the front facing you. For loop yarn projects, the project is not turned forward and back like for regular knitting projects.


Loop Yarn Doll Scarf Tutorial - Count Foundation Chains Start the scarf by counting out three loops in the yarn.  This is your foundation chain.  The next row will work back across the row.


Loop Yarn Doll Scarf Tutorial - Garter Stitch Row The first row is Garter Stitches.  Garter stitches are worked by passing the working yarn through the loops from front to back. 

Work back across the row by taking the next loop in the working yarn and pass it from front to back through the last of the foundation chains. Continue working across, passing the next loop in the working yarn through the middle loop in the foundation chain from front to back.

Make the last stitch in this row by putting the next loop in the working yarn through the last loop in the foundation chain.


Loop Yarn Doll Scarf Tutorial - Stocking Stitch Row

Row two will be stocking stitches.  Stocking stitches are made by passing the working yarn from back to front through the loop.

Take the next loop in the working yarn and put it through the last loop of the previous row from back to front.  Continue across the row, putting each loop in the working yarn through the next loop in the row.  

You will have three loops in your row after the row is finished.


Continue working the rows back and forth, alternating rows between the garter stitch and the stocking stitch.  Stitch until you have 30 - 35 rows and then continue to the bind off.   If you would like a longer scarf for your American Girl Doll, then adjust the length by adding more rows.

If you would like to use more than one color for your scarf, read below for instructions to change colors.


In the photo below, I am holding the scarf with the three loops of the last row facing up.Loop Yarn Doll Scarf Tutorial - Binding Off

To bind off, take the middle loop and pass it through the loop on the left side.Loop Yarn Doll Scarf Tutorial - Binding Off Left Side

Next, take the loop from the right side and pass it through the loop in the previous stitch.Loop Yarn Doll Scarf Tutorial - Binding Off Right Side

Now there is only one loop left.  Carefully cut the loop open and then tie it off to another loop.  Tuck in the ends.

Your scarf is now finished!  Tie it onto your American Girl doll and she is ready for the winter. Below are two finished scarves. Loop Yarn Doll Scarf Tutorial - Finished Scarves


If you would like to use more than one color in your scarf, change colors at the end of any row.  In my video tutorial, I changed colors after every 5 rows.  I ended after 35 rows so that there would be pink on both ends of the scarf.

To change the color, cut off the previous color between two loops.Loop Yarn Doll Scarf Tutorial - Cut Off Yarn 

Take the new color yarn and start using that color the same as the previous color yarn.  If you just finished the stocking stitch, then continue by making the garter stitch.  If you finished the garter stitch, continue with the stocking stitch.  Work across the row as you did in the previous rows.Loop Yarn Doll Scarf Tutorial - Start Working New Color

We recommend stitching at least two rows of the color before switching to a new color.

Feel free to experiment with different patterns and colors.  You can switch the scarf by stitching multiple rows of garter or stocking stitches.  Or by switching the colors more often.  This can be completely personalized to your taste!

The scarf would look best if you have a pattern in mind and continue with the same pattern throughout.  So, for my scarf, we alternated between the stocking and garter stitches and then changed colors every 5 rows.

If you have any questions, visit the Youtube tutorial page (link near the top of the page) and post your question in the comments section.

Below, Sage and Kate are ready for the winter in their winter coats and scarves.  Keep warm girls!Loop Yarn Doll Scarf Tutorial - Dolls with Scarves


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