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Actual Plywood Thickness and Size

An article and chart explaining the actual plywood thickness. Inch Calculator

Drill Bit Speed PDF

A handy drill bit speed chart. Print and mount on wall in your workshop. Sawdust Making 101

Drill Bit Speeds (Wood)

A chart of suggested speed for twist drills, brad point, forstner, spade and circle cutters.

Drill Press PDF

Drill press speed chart. Wood Magazine

Fraction and Decimal Conversion Chart

Fraction, Decimal, Millimeters Chart

Fraction, Decimal, Millimeters Chart Delorie Software

Fraction, Inch, Millimeter Chart PDF

Print this handy chart and hang on your workshop wall as a guide to converting millimeters to fraction to inches. Sawdust Making 101

Fractions to Decimals PDF

A chart which converts fractions to decimals. Wood Magazine

Heg Bolt Sizes and Thread Pitches PDF

A printable chart for identifying US bolt diameter and thread count. Sponsored by Bolt Depot

Lumber (Wood) Dimensions

A handy chart of commonly acceptable wood dimension in actual inches and metric measure.

Lumber Dimension Chart PDF

A handy lumber dimension chart with lumber normal size and actual size along with common lumber terminology. Print and hang in workshop. Sawdust Making 101

Machine Screw Sizes PDF

A printable chart to identify US machine screw and thread count. Sponsored by Bolt Depot

Pilot Hole Guide - Wood Screw PDF

Drilling shank and pilot holes prevents your wood from splitting and allows for a tighter joint. Here is a handy printable chart. Sawdust Making 101

Router Bit Speed Chart

This speed chart is the general maximum speed guide for setting router speed according to bit diameter.

Ruler PDF

Printable ruler - US and Metric ruler. Bolt Depot

U.S. to Metric Units has an extensive conversion chart. Infoplease

Washer Sizes PDF

A printable chart to distingish between USS and SAE pattern washers. Sponsored by Bolt Depot

Wood Picker

Use the Wood Picker to identify candidate woods for a woodworking project. WoodBin

Wood Screw Chart PDF

This chart references the gauge, head-bore size, shank-hole size, pilot-hole size and available lengths of traditional wood screws and production screws. Wood Magazine

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