How to Learn Needlepoint

Learn how to needlepoint!  We have gathered everything you need to know to get started in this ancient craft that has seen a major resurgence!

Needlepoint is very simple and quite easy to learn.  If you follow the needlepoint tutorials below, you will learn how to needlepoint in no time!

The first thing to know is that it does make a difference between average results and great results based on the quality of the materials used.  

Pay the little bit extra to purchase a nice canvas and high quality yarns the first time you needlepoint. It could easily determine whether or not you continue with this fiber art!

Trust me!

How do you needlepoint?

Quite simply, needlepoint is done by using yarn or other fibers on a needle to make stitches on canvas mesh to create beautiful designs, pictures or motifs.

There are so many things that are possible to make with the finished needlepoint work.  If you need free needlepoint project ideas, we have designed a full page devoted to such patterns and projects.

There are three basic needlepoint stitches that are very easy to learn and many more stitches can be made by combining these three basic stitches known as tent stitches.

Once the three tent stitches, the half cross stitch, continental, and basketweave are mastered, check out the needlepoint stitch directory to learn new and exciting stitches. 

Experiment with other fibers too, such as wool, cotton, metallics, ribbon, etc.

Rest assured though, the three basic stitches in wool are all you need to make a beautiful masterpiece!

Finishing off the needlepoint is very important so the stitches don’t come loose or fray, and there are many finishing techniques to help with this step.

Once the needlepoint work is complete, it is necessary to block it in order to get the fabric canvas back into its original shape.  The stitching distorts the canvas somewhat, and blocking the finished needlepoint is a must.

Give this needle work a try!  Scroll down this page to find several videos and written needlepoint tutorials to learn exactly how to needlepoint.

Also included are items to get started with the craft and other great resources.

You are going to love this!

How to Learn Needlepoint

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Adding Lettering

There are a few ways you can apply lettering to needlepoint canvas. Needlepoint For Fun

Beginner's Guide to Needlepointing

This post helps beginning needle-pointers figure out how to get started! So here’s your one-stop-shop for how to needlepoint! Claire Alison

Beginning Needlepoint - How to Needlepoint!

Beginning needlepoint tutorial by Lois Caron has instructions and good illustrations for complete a needlepoint project for beginners. Caron Collection

Free Needlepoint Booklet

This free booklet contains easy instructions on how to start with needlepoint, how to select stitches, and a library of needlepoint stitches, with the respective instructions on how to stitch them. Unwind Studio

How to Do Needlepoint

Step-by-step how to instructions on needlepointing from types of stitches to finishing the project. wikiHow

How to Needlepoint

How to prepare the canvas, choosing a needle, stitches and more. Needlepoint for Fun

How to Needlepoint - Video Tutorials

Unwind Studio has created a series of 3 short videos where they try to explain how to start with Needlepoint. Unwind Studio

How to Needlepoint Tutorials

Here are the stitching instructions to get started needlepointing! You can watch the video tutorial, where Unwind Studio shows the steps in detail. Unwind Studio

Learn how to Needlepoint Tutorial

This how-to needlepoint video and tutorial is perfect if you are new to needlepoint, a needlepoint beginner, or maybe you just need a refresher. Needlepoint

Learn to Needlepoint

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Learning How to Needlepoint

In the blog post learn about resources that will help you to learn how to needlepoint. Morgan Julia Designs

Needlepoint Curves

Here are a few great ways to stitch a needlepoint curve. Needlepoint For Fun

Needlepoint for Kids

How to teach a child to needlepoint. Teach Kids How

Needlepoint Lessons

This page compiled a list of the best beginner's guides for learning the art of needlepoint, as well as plenty of tutorials and patterns to download for a great range of designs Wellingtonboot at Hubpages

Needlepoint Sampler Class #ad

This class with Anna Maria Horner gets you started with the basic stitches, then shows how to fill in your sampler with decorative geometric and floral stitches. Affiliate Link to Creative Bug

Needlepoint Video Instruction

Please enjoy this needlepoint video library! Needlepoint Now

Needlepoint Video Tutorials

Elizabeth Bradley has a series of video tips and techniques for both left-handers and right-handers. Check them out. Elizabeth Bradley

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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