Other items to build for the garden or outdoors.

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How to construct a beehive. Ping's Homepage


A free design for building a cupola. RunnerDuck Eggspress

Deck Pegola Plans

My Outdoor Plans

Deck, Handrail and Steps

How to build a deck with handrail and steps. Build Eazy

Firewood Rack


Firewood Storage Rack

Firewood Storage Rack

How to make a firewood storage rack from wood pallets. Tim Rosanelli YouTube Channel

Garden Trellis

Build your own trellis to work from season to season for planting summer tomatoes, fall baby luminia pumpkins, and spring edible peas or sweet peas. My Home Ideas

Garden Tripod (Trellis)

Garden Tripod (Trellis)

How to make a natural trellis with bamboo along with my Dogbane Hemp twine. Tim Rosanelli YouTube Channel

Green House

Build the Raised-Bed Greenhouse. Wayne of the Woods


How to build a greenhouse. Build Eazy

Herb Jar Hanging Garden

Crafts Unleased

Newspaper Mulch

Put your old newspapers to good use by recycling them as mulch for the garden. Grit

Newspaper Mulching

This is a way to recycle old newspapers. A garden for the House


Make an obelisk to give height to your garden. W.G.A. Furniture Designs

Obelisk - Plant Obelisk

Create a year-round garden accent with this stylish plant obelisk. Better Homes and Garden

Parrot Wind Chimes

A fun woodworking project. Free Craft Unlimited

Pergola or Arbor

Build a free standing garden pergola. Build Eazy

Plant Name Stake

Since it is time to start planting, it is a good time to make plant name stake to identify those plants later. Runner Duck Resources

Potatoe Growing Box

Grow 100 lbs. Of Potatoes In 4 Square Feet Tipnut

Potting Bench

Complete free plans for building a cedar potting bench. Family Handyman

Potting Bench

Potting Bench

How to make a potting bench from pallet wood. Tim Rosanelli YouTube Channel

Seedling Shelter

This portable seedling shelter is easy to build, and the house folds up for quick storage when it’s no longer needed. Free instructions. Canadian Home Workshop

Storage and Trash Can Bin PDF

Wolmanized Outdoor Wood

Storage Shed PDF

Natural Select

Tomatoe Cages - Folding

This folding tomato cages are sturdy and easily stored away come winter. Mother Earth News

Wind Chimes

How to make wind chimes. Free Wood Puzzles

Woodpecker Door Knocker

A great project for parents and kids to make together. RunnerDuck Eggspress

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