35+ Free Loom Knitting Patterns and Projects

You have found the holy grail of loom knitting patterns!  We have gathered many fun and useful loom knitting projects and patterns to enjoy. 

I’ll give you a little refresher on loom knitting, but if this is your first time with this textile art, there is a wonderful topic page on our site explaining the what and how of loom knitting. Then, head back here to start your first loom knitting project!

What Is Loom Knitting?

Loom knitting uses a loom and a loom hook to create beautiful pieces from yarn fabrics that you make.

There are many types of looms, and the projects below specify which type of loom you will need to create loom-knit blankets, loom-knit hats, loom-knit gloves, and so much more!

What Type Of Yarn Is Used For Loom Knitting?

For most loom knitting projects, you can use a double strand of yarn weight 4, 5, or 6.

Textured yarn is fun, but it is not a great choice for beginner knitters.  With textured yarns, it is more difficult to see your stitches, but those more experienced with loom knitting will not find this a problem.

The projects below will suggest the types of yarn that are best for whatever project you are working on.

Loom Knitting Patterns

Loom knitting allows you to create so many different things. Circle looms are great for knitting items such as beanies, simple hats, cowls, and more. Below are many loom knit hat patterns.

The circle loom is also perfect for the Easy Loom Snowflake pattern you will find in the list below.  It’s surprising what you can make with a knitting loom!

We have some great loom knit blanket patterns below that you will love!

There is a special loom called a serenity loom, which has the structure of an infinity figure eight. This is the perfect knitting loom for knitting blanket patterns, afghans, or large panels of fabric that you can sew together.

With many knit blanket patterns, you can also use a small round loom or rake loom to knit panels of fabric that you can sew together later.  

This is a great way to create a patchwork knit blanket or afghan, like the Patchwork Baby Throw pattern by Lion Brand. This advanced loom knit blanket pattern makes a gorgeous baby blanket.

A rake loom works well if you plan to loom knit a scarf or shawl. All you need to do is find a cozy yarn and a loom knit shawl pattern like the Double Knit Shawl pattern below.

We have a fun pattern for a T-shirt Yarn Rug that is loom knit using, you guessed it, T-shirt yarn!  The double knit creates a thick, comfy rug.  If you want a lesson on making T-shirt yarn, visit our page, and we will show you how. 

The list of free loom knitting patterns below is so extensive that you will surely find a project that calls your name!  Gloves, pillows, cat beds, mug cozies, headbands and more!

Please scroll down to get started on one of our fun and free loom knit patterns!

35+ Free Loom Knitting Patterns and Projects

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Autumn Slouchy Hat

This free pattern lets you loom a simple hat in a few hours. Knitting Board

Basic Gloves

With this free loom pattern, you can make four different sizes of gloves. Knitting Board

Basic Hat

Use a loom to knit this basic beanie pattern, a tried-and-true, tested, comfortable hat pattern. Good Knit Kisses

Basketweave Cowl

Loom knit a basketweave Cowl as a flat panel over 19 stitches. After binding off it is seamed together into the cowl shape. Good Knit Kisses

Cable Mug Cozy

Whip up some cable mug cozies for yourself or as gifts on a knitting loom. Great gift idea! This Moment is Good

Cat’s Paw Headband

With loom, yarn, button, and crochet hook, loom yourself a cute headband. Knitting Board

Crescent Shawl

The Step It Up Loom Knit Shawl is a beautiful crescent shape that drapes easily around the neck. The long, sawtooth edge is an eye-catching design feature you’ll love. Good Knit Kisses

Dog Sweater

If you're a dog lover and a loom knitter, you'll love this free video on how to make a loom-knit dog sweater. Tuteate YouTube Channel

Double Brim Beanie

While doing this project, we’ll learn the basics of loom knitting, like how to cast on, make the twisted knit stitch, and the terminology you’ll want to know. EMS Fiber Arts

Double Knit Bear Beanie

With this free loom knitting pattern, stay cozy this winter with a double knit hat that evokes a little woodland charm! Knitting Board

Double Knit Shawl

You can knit this shawl, which measures approximately 18" x 65" on a double-knit flat loom. Knitting Board

Easy Hair Scrunchie

Easy Hair Scrunchie

Knit this easy hair scrunchie with a loom and this free pattern and tutorial. Marching North

Easy Loom Knit Snowflake

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make snowflake Christmas ornaments with a loom. EasyMeWorld on YouTube

Easy Ribbed Loom Knit Beanie

Easy Ribbed Loom Knit Beanie

Learn how to make this easy loom knitted ribbed beanie hat with this free tutorial and pattern. Marching North

Fall Socks

With a sock loom and this free pattern, you will quickly complete a pair of socks. Knitting Board

Fingerless Gloves

Loom knit a pair of fingerless, fashionable gloves for these chilly winter days. Simplicity

Fingerless Mitts

Loom knit fingerless mitts with this free pattern. Good Knit Kisses

Fingerless Wrist Warmer

Loom up a pair of wrist warmers with this free pattern. These fingerless gloves are practical, keep hands warm but don't prevent texting. GretchKal's Yarny Adventures


This loom knitting hat tutorial is great for beginners, kids, or those looking for a fun and quick hat project! Melanie Ham

Kitty Cat Mat

Create a special pillow for your feline friend. This lattice stitch design mat at a fanciful flair to your home. Knitting Board

Loom Knit Bird Pattern

Loom Knit Bird Pattern #ad

Knit this super cute bird with your loom and this free pattern! NOTE: The pattern is FREE; the price shown is for the yarn. Affiliate Link to Lion Brand Yarn

Loom Knit Tasseled Pillow

What a great addition to your home! This pretty loom knit tasseled pillow can either be made flat or in-the-round. Simplicity

Men’s Striped Socks

Pick up some self-striping yarn and use this free pattern to knit socks at your heart’s content without worrying about color changes. Knitting Board

Messy Bun Hat

Do you have a messy bun hairdo? You need this hat. With this free pattern, learn how to knit a messy bun hat on a knitting loom. Loom Knit

Patchwork Baby Throw

Patchwork Baby Throw #ad

The loom knit baby blanket pattern is an afghan loom pattern with advanced difficulty. Affiliate Link to Lion Brand Yarn

Pixie Hat and Scarf

Pixie Hat and Scarf #ad

This Knit Pixie Hat And Scarf is a loom hat pattern with a beginner level of difficulty. NOTE: The pattern is FREE. The $ shown on the page is for the yarn. Look for the 'Download Free Pattern' button. Affiliate Link to Lion Brand Yarn

Pullover Sweater

Yes! You CAN Make a Loom Knit Sweater! You will find the instructions here. Good Knit Kisses


With this free pattern, create a loom-knit pumpkin for the fall. Knitting Board

Pumpkin Hat

This video tutorial shows you how to loom knit a children-size pumpkin hat using a round 36-peg loom. Tuteate YouTube Channel

Ripple Twist Pillow

This free tutorial creates a Ripple Twist Pillow with a unique basketweave pattern using twisted stitches. Good Knit Kisses

Scarf on a Long Loom

Scarf on a Long Loom

Learn how to knit a scarf using a long loom with this free pattern and tutorial. Marching North


Stitch a pair of socks on a round loom. Yarn Gear


This free sunflower pattern was designed for a round 24 peg large gauge loom. by Brenda Myers at Ravelry

T-Shirt Yarn Rug

Yes, you can make a rug on a knitting loom. Here is a tutorial on how to upcycle t-shirts into a rug. Muslin and Merlot

Throw Pillow

Make a pretty pillow in the perfect colors for your decor with a knitting loom. Simplicity

Winter Woodlands Throw

This loom knitted throw has a lot of texture. Check out the free pattern. Knitting Board

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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