Free Online Knit Dishcloth Patterns

Do you remember your grandma having at least one knitted dishcloth in her kitchen? 

I do, but it was only one of my grandmothers. She and my grandpa were gardeners, and the food she cooked matched the farm feel when we visited. She was the one with knitted dishcloths.

I sure took those knitted dishcloths for granted! I remember getting several from her that she had knitted herself as a bridal shower gift and thought, “Ugh! These are very old fashioned!”

Yes, they were old fashioned, and they were still being made because they worked better than any dishcloth you could buy!

We have put together a great list of free knitted dishcloth patterns using a variety of stitches. Dishcloths are a great beginner knitting project because they are small, don’t take much time to complete, and don’t have to be perfect!

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to knit yet; many of the tutorials teach how to knit as you go along.  If you’d like more help with learning the basics of knitting, be sure to check out our page devoted just to that!

Many of the tutorials suggest using smaller needles, as the stitches need to be tight and compact for these free knitted dishcloth patterns. This will keep your knitted dishcloth strong as it will be the one you chose to use most often!

Seasonal Free Knitted Dishcloth Patterns

If you are like me, you love to decorate for all of the holidays; crafty people are like that, aren’t we?

We have free knitted dishcloth patterns for two holidays.  Keep checking back because we will continue to update this page with more free online dishcloth patterns for other holidays!

Check out the cute Halloween dishcloth with the adorable jack-o-lantern image.  This is an intermediate pattern, so you might want to start with one of the simpler patterns on this page in orange and black if you are a beginner!

For Independence Day, you will definitely want to stitch up the easy stars and stripes dishcloth using the free online pattern!  You simply purl three stitches then knit and repeat the pattern to make the wavy lines. Changing yarn colors is easy too!

Pop Up Images on Knitted Dishcloths

Several of the patterns below, such as the airplane pattern, the little garden boy pattern, and the bakery knitted pattern use a pop up style.  The image is knitted into the dishcloth.  

There are directions in the Baked With Love tutorial describing in detail how to wet and finger press the back of the knitted fabric in order to make the image really POP!

Garter Stitch Dishcloths

The garter stitch is one knitting basic that everyone needs to know. It is a knitting stitch that is so very simple and makes wonderful knitted dishcloths. All you do is knit the stitches, so there is just one single repeat that you do to knit every stitch and row.

The garter stitch is great for knitted dishcloths because it makes a knit fabric that is very strong and thick.

The garter stitch name comes from the word garter, which originated in the 1300’s.  The word referred to the band of fabric that was tied around the leg to keep stockings up.  Garter stitch was taken from the name of the bands which were knitted in the elastic garter stitch.

The list below has many garter stitch dishcloths, which are so simple to make.

The Garter Stitch Dishcloth Tutorial is a great place to start if you are new to knitting. This video clearly illustrates how to begin with a slip knot, how to cast on, knit the garter stitch, and cast off.  It’s perfect for beginners!

Once you’ve mastered the garter stitch, you can try the many other garter stitch dishcloths, some of them having a bit of a variation added. Knitting the garter stitch on a diagonal makes a nice variation.  There is a pattern for that below as well.

The garter stitch dishcloths were the ones my grandma made for me long ago for my bridal shower.

Basketweave Dishcloth Patterns

We put together a roster of basketweave dishcloth patterns for you to try as well.  The basketweave is a pleasant design and makes a good scrubbing surface for cleaning in the kitchen. 

It is simply knit and purl stitches, so once you know how to purl, try this pretty knitted dishcloth pattern!

If you prefer something a bit simpler than the basketweave stitch, try the Cotton Dishcloth/Washcloth knitted pattern.  It has a similar design as the basket weave, but there is less purling in this knitted dishcloth pattern.

You’ll find other patterns in our line up, such as the brick pattern, which is very appealing to the eye. There are also some really cute and novel knitted dishcloth patterns below.  

Take a look at the beehive dishcloth.  It’s just adorable. 

If you want to learn to knit or already knit and just want a quick project, try knitting a dishcloth!  The patterns are waiting for you below!

Want other stuff to knit for the kitchen and dining areas?  We have rounded up lots of patterns for kitchen decor and placemats.

Free Online Knit Dishcloth Patterns

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Airplane Dishcloth

Free knit airplane dishcloth pattern perfect for an airplane enthusiast. Knit A Little Store

Aunt May Dishcloth

A dishcloth of simply ribbing and garter stitch. Homespun Living

Basket Weave Dishcloth

This free dishcloth pattern knits up quickly. Just Be Crafty

Basket Weave Dishcloth Pattern

This basketweave knit dishcloth pattern is an easy knit pattern with alternating groupings of knit and purl stitches and row repeats to create a wonderful woven design. Petals to Picots

Beehive Dishcloth

Beehive Dishcloth #ad

This easy-to-knit beehive dishcloth is a cute addition to any kitchen decor. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Brick Stitch Dishcloth

Brick Stitch Dishcloth #ad

Bright dishcloths make kitchen chores more fun. Knit up these dishcloths with the free pattern. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Broad Stripes and Bright Stars Dishcloth

Knit up some patriotic dishcloths to use on national holidays or anytime with this free patriotic knit dishcloth pattern. Ribbed For your Pleasure

Christmas Tree Dishcloth

Christmas Tree Dishcloth

If you want a Christmas tree dishcloth of your own, get the free knit pattern here. Creative Green Living

Cotton Dishcloth/Washcloth

If you haven’t knitted your own dishrags or washcloths before, you totally should. They’re cushy-soft, pretty, cheery, and fast to knit. Try this free pattern. Thrifty Knitter

Diagonal Stitch Dishcloth

Diagonal Stitch Dishcloth #ad

Brighten up any culinary workspace with diagonally stitched, reversible dishcloths. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Garter Square Dishcloth

This is a simple garter stitch square knit on the diagonal -- it can be worked in any yarn, at any gauge, to any size you need. by Holly Terrell at Ravelry

Garter Stitch Dishcloth

The garter stitch dishcloth is super fun easy to make! This pattern is beginner-friendly and whips up in less than an hour. Just Be Crafty

Garter Stitch Dishcloth Tutorial

What to learn to knit! This pattern is an absolutely ideal pattern for beginners. Purple Knitting

Jack-O-Lantern Dishcloth

Jack-O-Lantern Dishcloth #ad

This cute dishcloth will brighten up your kitchen during the Fall. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Owl Dishcloth

Owl Dishcloth #ad

Add a whimsical touch to your kitchen with this adorable knit owl dishcloth. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Rainbow Drop Dishcloth

Rainbow Drop Dishcloth #ad

Raindrops keep falling on my head and onto these lovely dishcloths! Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Rippled Dish Cloth

Rippled Dish Cloth #ad

Add a touch of vintage style to your kitchen with this sweet dishcloth. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Simple Knit Dishcloth Pattern

Simple Knit Dishcloth Pattern

Using an easy seed stitch work up some dishcloths for yourself or as gifts. Crafts by Amanda

Striped and Tassel Washcloth

Striped and Tassel Washcloth

Use up leftover cotton yarn scraps to make colorful striped washcloths with this basic knitting pattern. My Poppet Makes

Touch O' Ruffle Table Mat or Wash Cloth

A ruffled table mat adds a touch of elegance and flirty flair to any table. Can also be used as a wash cloth. Designs by KN via Ravelry

Waffle Dishcloth

This dishcloth uses a raised box stitch, which gives the dishcloth a great waffle texture. Homespun Living

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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