Tatting is a knotted lace formed with thread and shuttle and an embellishment for all types of projects.

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What is tatting?

A brief dialog on tatting including some history. Ring of Tatters

Basics Tatting for Beginners

Basic instructions for winding your shuttle, learning how to hold the shuttle and thread, and practicing making double stitches. wikiHow

Blocking, Stiffening and Storing Tatting

Here are some thoughts on Blocking, Stiffening, Framing and Storing your tatting. Sharon's Tatted Lace

Embellishment - Bead

How to add a bead to the half-closed ring. Be-Stitched

Embellishment - Beads

Learn how to add a bead to to picot. Be-Stitched

Finishing Technique - Blocking Board

How to make blocking board in order to complete your project.. Be-Stitched

Finishing Technique - Doily

How to finish a doily. Be-Stitched

History of Tatting

The story about tatting. ABC Tatting Patterns

How to Tat

Instructions on how to tat with a shuttle. Sharon's Tatted Lace

How to Tat - Shuttle Tatting

Basic lesson on how to tat with a shuttle. Be-Stitched

Kids and Tatting - Teaching Kids to Tat

A simple star project introduces a child to tatting. Crafts for Kids

Needle Tatting - Closing a Ring (Video)

A pleasant video showing how to close a ring when needle tatting. You Tube

Needle Tatting - Double Stitch (Video)

A video on needle tatting technique for double stitch. You Tube

Needle Tatting - Picot (p) - Video

A video on how to make a picot when needle tatting. You Tube

Shuttle Winding

Shuttle Winding #ad

Here is a video that shows how to wind the shuttle with thread. Affiliate Link to Annie's Craft Store

Split Chuny Leaves

Instructions and photos. Mimi Dillman

TATTING - Chains

When a new piece starts with a chain, work first ds over a paper-clip or safety pin to give a firm anchor - remove it a bit later. The Ring of Tatters


Count before you close! As beginners soon learn, that is because it is very difficult to open a closed ring once you have spotted a mistake. The Ring of Tatters

Tatting Terms and Abbreviations

The terms used in shuttle tatting are shared by needle tatting. However, the movements used in needle tatting are different from the movements used in shuttle tatting. ABC Tatting Patterns

Tatting: How to make a Chain and a Ring

You Tube

Thread - Adding a New Thread

Instructions on how to add a new thread when tatting with a shuttle. Sharon's Tatted Lace

Thread - Thread Ends

Learn how to hide thread ends when starting a project. Be-Stitched

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Tatting embellishments.


Ideas for finishing tatting projects.


Basic information on needle tatting.


Basic information on shuttle tatting.


How to join in tatting.


More tatting techniques - rings, leaf, etc.

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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