How to thread a machine with a Twin Needle

How to Thread your sewing machine with a twin needle

A twin needle (also called a double needle) is basically two needles attached to a single shank. It is used to create two parallel rows of stitches simultaneously.

This video tutorial and the detailed written instructions will explain how to thread your machine when using a twin or double needle.

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Twin needles come in a variety of sizes. They have two numbers: one is the width between the needles and other is the needle size.


Two Spools of Thread
Extra Spool Pin
Presser Foot with wide opening (Zigzag foot)


Install the twin needle on your machine just like a regular needle.

Place one spool of thread on the spool holder as normal.

Most machines come with an extra spool pin. That is where you put your second spool of thread. Consult your owner's manual to see if and where your extra spool pin is located. See note below if you did not have one.

Hold the two threads together and thread the machine as normal.

Separate the two threads.

If your machine has a needle bar thread guide above the needle with two hooks, one of each side, separate the two threads and guide one thread through the hook on one side and one thread through the hook on the other side.

If your machine does not have a needle bar thread guide with two hooks, separate the threads and put one thread through the guide and do no pass the other thread through the guide.

Thread each needle with one thread by passing the thread through the eye of the needle from the front to the back.


If your machine does not come with two spool pins, you can place both spools on the single same spool pin but place them so the threads unwind in opposite directions.

Use twin needles specifically made for your machine.

The needle threader cannot be used with the twin needle.

The upper thread should be the same thickness and quality.

Sewing with a twin needle is an easy way to create to beautifully embellish on a project or garment. It can also be used for hemming and topstitching.

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Twin Needles (Double Needles)

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