Hairpin Lace 

This delicate lace is made placing loops on a hairpin fork and securing them with a crochet stitch. The hairpin lace strips are worked together to form the finished product commonly used in afghans, shawls and babywear.


img Crochet Lace Innovations
20 Dazzling Designs in Broomstick, Hairpin, Tunisian, and Exploded Lace by Doris Chan - Paperback - Published 2010 Amazon
Edging - Hairpin Lace Edging
Instructions for making a hairpin lace edging. Craftown
Instructions - Hairpin Lace
Instructions! Yarn Lover's Room
Instructions - Hairpin Lace
Instructions with photos on how to do hairpin lace. Crochet Cabana
Instructions - Hairpin Lace
Instructions for making hairpin lace. Bella Online
Tutorial - Hairpin Lace
Lots of tutorials on hairpin laces, such as basic strip, twisting loops, joining and much more. Stitch Diva

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