Knitting Finishing Techniques

Have you ever asked the questions, "How do I stitch the seams together on my finished knit project?" can help with the links below.

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Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters

This book will help you give your knitting a professional look. by Sharon Brant - Published 2006 Affiliate Link to Amazon


The Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques

by Nancie M. Wiseman - Published 2002 Affiliate Link to Amazon


The Perfect Finish

A No-Nonsense Guide to Finishing Techniques for Knitters of Every Level. by Kara Gott Warner - Paperback - Published 2010

Bind-off Two Ribs Together

This knitting technique is useful if you wish to join ribs and not show an obvious seam. Sweaterscapes


To block or not block your knitted project. Knitty


A tutorial on how to block knitting. The Purl Bee

Blocking and Pressing

Blocking and pressing is an important part of knitting - learn more here. Let's Get Knitting

Invisible Seam - Row to Row

This technique joins pieces at the row edge. Learn how with instructions and photos. Modeknit

Invisible Seams

Learn how to stitch the seam together. Sweaterscapes

Kitchener Stitch

Step-by-step instruction with photos. Socknitters

Kitchener Stitch a.k.a. grafting

The kitchener stitch is used to graft together stitches to make a invisible seam. Spelling Tuesday


Mattress Stitch

This tutorial will show you how to use the mattress stitch to join two knit stockinette pieces together vertically. This finishing technique is worked with the right sides up and creates an invisible seam on the right side..


Invisible joining of garter or reverse stockinette stitch. Peg's Hand Knitting

Seam - Overcast Seam

Instructions for the overcast seam technique plus photograph. Stitch Diva


Learn how to join the pieces. Knitty


Invisible seam - used for attaching two knit pieces together. Instructions and illustration. Sweaterscapes

Seams - Making Beautiful Seams

A tutorial on how to join knit pieces. My Virtual Sanity by Dawn Prickett

Shoulder Seams

Instructions and illustration for binding off front and back shoulder seams together. Sweaterscapes

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