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Stitch instructions for working with plastic canvas.

An illustration of the backstitch used in plastic canvas. Annie's Attic
Bargello Stitch
The Bargello or Florentine stitch is created with straight stitches usually over four or more canvas threads. American Needlepoint Guild, Inc.
Condensed Mosaic
Instructions and illustrations for the plastic canvas stitch, condensed mosaic. Also instructions available in real time video. Annie's Attic
Continental Stitch
This video explains how to do the continental stitch on plastic canvas. The continental stitch is a type of tent stitch. This stitch is also used in needlepoint.
Cross Stitch
Real time video, instructions and illustrations for the cross stitch on plastic canvas. Annie's Attic
Fly Stitch
Instructions and illustrations for the plastic canvas stitch, the fly stitch. Annie's Attic
French Knot
How to make a French knot when working with plastic canvas.
Half Cross Stitch
A tutorial showing how to do the half cross stitch on plastic canvas. This is a basic needlepoint stitch which is stitched diagonally over one bar.
Lark's Head Knot (Plastic Canvas)
Learn how to make a Lark’s Head Knot. This stitch is used in plastic canvas project to add a fringed edge or for attaching a loop for hanging your project.
Lazy Daisy
This tutorial will show and explain how to make the lazy daisy stitch on plastic canvas.
Long Stitch
The long stitch is parallel straight stitches which cover two or more plastic canvas bars. Learn how with instructions, illustrations, and real-time video. Annie's Attic
Modified Turkey Work
This stitch can give a project the look of dimensional hair. Learn more here with instructions, illustrations and real-time video. Annie's Attic
Overcast Stitch
Learn the overcast stitch. When working with plastic canvas, this stitch is used to cover the edges of the canvas.
Plastic Canvas Stitch Guide
Three types of pastic canvas stitches are illustrated - background, embroidery and finishing. T's Place
Reverse Continental
Instructions, illustrations and video for the reverse continental. Annie's Attic
Running Stitch
Illustration and video on how to do the running stitch. Annie's Attic
Scotch Stitch
This is a square shaped stitch. Learn this plastic canvas stitch with instructions, illustrations and video. Annie's Attic
Scotch Stitch
A tutorial on how to do the scotch stitch on plastic canvas. The scotch stitch is a series of diagonal stitches that form a square. It is a useful stitch for covering large areas of plastic canvas.
Slanted Gobelin Stitch
Learn how to make the slanted Gobelin stitch. This is a diagonal stitch which can be used in needlepoint and plastic canvas projects. This stitch can be worked over two to five diagonal threads and one or two lengthwise threads.
Smyrna Cross
Learn how to do the plastic canvas stitch, the smyrna cross, with these instructions, illustration and video. Annie's Attic
Straight Stitch
Instructions, illustrations and video for the straight stitch. Annie's Attic
Tent Stitches - Three Tent Stitches
Three tent stitches - Half cross stitch, continental stitch, basketweave stitch. These stitches are used in plastic canvas crafts and needlepoint crafts. Needlework Tips and Techniques
Whip Stitch
The whip stitch is used to join two pieces of plastic canvas together. This video tutorial will show you how to do the whip stitch.

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