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I was in a craft store recently and noticed this fun new Loop Yarn product, Magic Yarn.  This yarn is by Lion Brand and when you stitch the yarn, a picture appears magically.

Lion Brand has four types of magic yarn.  There is a heart, star, smiley, or peace symbol.  Watch our video for tips on stitching with this yarn or keep reading.  Look at the end of this article for links to purchase this new loop yarn.

Looking for other loop yarn project ideas?  Visit our Loop Yarn Knitting Tutorials and Projects page.

Watch our video tutorial below or click the link if you prefer to watch Loop Yarn Magic Yarn Tutorial in Youtube.

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Loop Yarn Magic Yarn Samples

INSTRUCTIONS for Magic yarn

The instructions for this yarn are not included with the yarn itself.  To find the manufacturer instructions, visit this page, to download their instructional PDF.

We also have instructions below.


To start the project, count out 26 loops for the foundation chain.  Do not count the first loop which is a different color.  This is just there to indicate where to start.Loop Yarn Magic Yarn - Partially Stitched

For the next row, stocking stitch back 21 loops.  There should be 5 loops of the starting color left unstitched.  

We recommend counting the loops after each row to make sure there are 21 loops.  If you add or skip any loops, this will cause the picture to not stitch out correctly.  


Loop Yarn Magic Yarn - SmileyContinue stitching the stocking stitch back and forth across the rows.  You will see the picture appearing. 

The downloadable PDF by Lion Brand does have images of the project at different stages.  This is helpful to compare to make sure yours is coming out correctly.

Keep stitching the rows until you have about 5 loops left.  These are extra and not used.  To finish your project, use the Bind Off stitch.  If you do not know how to bind off, watch our video tutorial, Loop Yarn Binding Off Tutorial.

What can you use this finished block for?

You may wonder what this small block can be used for.  This would make a cute small pillow for on your bed or chair.  It could also become part of a bigger blanket.  Loop Yarn Magic Yarn - Star


If you would like to make this into a pillow, click on over to our Loop Yarn Heart Pillow Project.  This project makes a small heart pillow from loop yarn.  Read or watch the video to see how we finished the heart front into a pillow.  To complete this, you will need another skein of yarn for the back of the pillow.

Instead of using loop yarn for the back of the pillow, a fabric backing could be sewn on to complete the pillow.  Click the link to watch a video on how to make a simple envelope backing for the pillow. 


To make this block into a blanket, do not bind off the block when finished.   If you stitch a few of these magic yarn blocks, they can then be added into a blanket by attaching at the sides where desired.  The unfinished loops can be used to work it into the blanket.

Let us know what you make in the comments on the Youtube video!  We would love to hear about your project.


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

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