DIY Wildflowers Birthday Card

Handmade birthday cards definitely make the occasion extra- special!  This card making tutorial will show you how to draw a birthday card with an image of a mason jar filled with flowers.

This card is perfect as a DIY birthday card for friends, but you could easily use it as a "thinking of you" card, or even as a Mother's Day card for mom or mother-in-law.DIY Wildflowers Birthday Card - fb

I have enjoyed drawing handmade greeting cards for every occasion you can imagine!  One of my favorites is this drawn birthday card. 

I love the look of the Mason jar with wildflowers, and the sentiment on the DIY birthday card is very sweet.

Don't be intimidated by the hand-drawing!  The easy-to-follow steps we've outlined here for you will make the drawn birthday card quite simple! 

Learn how to draw handmade greeting cards with a mason jar filled with wildflowers by watching our video or keep reading this post.

If you are interested in other card ideas, you can take a look at our greeting card topic page!

Watch our video tutorial below or click the link if you prefer to watch DIY Wildflowers Birthday Card in Youtube.

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how to draw a birthday cardHandmade Birthday Card-Wildflowers Card Finished


  • Plain card stock cards and envelopes
  • Pencil
  • Dual tip watercolor markers
  • Ultra-fine-tipped permanent black marker
  • Eraser

Wildflowers Card - Supplies, Pencil, Pens, Eraser

instructions to make a "you belong among the wildflowers" handmade birthday card

Step 1: Begin sketching the Mason Jar on your handmade Birthday Card

Start with a blank card stock card. Because your DIY birthday card has a tall image, make sure your blank card is in the upright position. 

Use your pencil to draw a thin curved rectangle in the middle of the card for the mason jar top.DIY Birthday Card - Wildflowers Card Step 1 - Draw Lid

Add a couple of lines below the rectangle for the ridges of the jar top. Drawn Birthday Card - Wildflowers Card Step 2 - Draw Lid part 2  

Lightly sketch the jar sides and bottom with your pencil. It is ok if your lines are not defined; sketching a rough outline works great.Wildflowers Card Step 3 - Draw Jar

STEP 2:  write the message "You belong among the wildflowers"

In the upper third of the jar on your handmade birthday card, make an oval for the waterline.

In the lower third of the jar, write the wildflower message.  Different fonts are attractive; I used printing for the words "You belong", cursive for "among the", and all upper-case letters for "wildflowers". 

You may need to write and erase until the words are centered.  Be patient! This drawn birthday card is going to be beautiful!Wildflowers Card Step 7 - Draw Water Line & write message

Step 3:  add the flowers, leaves and stems to your Handmade birthday card 

Use your pencil to start with the large fluffy flower and then add in the other fluffy flowers.  Next, add some stems between the flowers. 

Continue adding the flower shapes and stems to your handmade birthday card. Make the stems end under the water line of the mason jar, being careful not to touch the wording.  Wildflowers Card Step 11 - Draw Flower Stems

The stems with just leaves are easily made using the infinity symbol for each pair of leaves.Wildflowers Card Step 15 - Draw Flowers and Leaves

Step 4: begin outlining your design in black marker

Using the black ultra-fine tipped permanent marker, outline the design beginning with the flowers.Wildflowers Card Step 19 - Outline Flowers

This is where you use your sketching of the mason jar sides to make them firmed up and straight.

Be careful not to make any stems pass through a flower!Wildflowers Card Step 20 - Outline Stems and leaves

step 5:  Erase the Pencil Marks from the image

When the entire design is outlined, use the large eraser to go over the entire drawing, erasing every pencil mark.  Do this several times to be sure all marks are gone.Wildflowers Card Step 25 - Erase Pencil Markings

step 6: add color to your image

Next, you will be making this card colorful!  I use Artist's Loft Watercolor Dual-Tip Markers; they have a broad tip at one end and a fine point at the other.  I like having this option when I'm adding color.

I have also found that these markers do not bleed through to the other side of the card.

Wildflowers Card Step 28 - Colored Dual Tip Watercolor Pens

Using the duel-tipped watercolor orange marker, begin outlining the flowers and filling in the fluffy flower shapes. The broad end of the marker is best for filling in color.Wildflowers Card Step 27 - Color Orange Flowers

Using the broad end of the brown marker, color the daisy centers. The yellow marker is used to color the other flower shapes.Wildflowers Card Step 31 - Color Remaining Flowers and Leaves

step 7:  add details to your drawn birthday card

Using the small tip of the orange marker, make loops in the daisies and lines in the straw flower.   Wildflowers Card Step 33 - Add Details to Daisies

The fine-tipped permanent black pen is used to add fine details on the mason jar. This is a good time to add a few black lines in the fluffy orange flowers.Wildflowers Card Step 34 - Add Details to Orange Flowers

step 8:  add a blue shadow to your drawing

Using the broad tip of a bright blue marker, make overlapping horizontal lines to create the shadow under the jar. Add just enough of the blue to keep the jar from floating on the page!Wildflowers Card Step 36 - Add blue shadow

Ta-da!  And there you have it; a beautiful hand drawn birthday card ready to mail.  We hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Wildflowers Card Step 26 - Finished Card


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

If you had fun making this You Belong Among the Wildflowers DIY birthday card, we have many more ideas for you to create greeting cards! 

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