Hex Signs

Learn about Hex signs used by the Pennsylvania Dutch.

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 Hex Signs

Hex Signs

Myths and meanings of Pennsylvania Dutch barn stars. by Patrick Donmoyer - Paperback - Published 2013 Affiliate Link to

 Hex Signs

Hex Signs

Pennsylvania Dutch barn symbols and their meaning. by Don Yoder, Thomas E. Graves - Paperback - Published 2000

 Hex Signs

Hex Signs

Tips, tools and techniques for learning this craft. by Ivan E. Hoyt - Paperback - Published 2008 Affiliate Link to

Hex Sign Circlle Template PDF

See Folk Art

Hex Sign Coaster

A free tutorial on how to make hex sign coasters. Design Sponge

Hex Sign Designs

Hex signs and barn stars designs on the Internet.

Hex Sign Tutorial

Learn how to make hex signs which is Pennsylvania Dutch folk art. Wee Folk Art

Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs

Decorating everyday items with colorful designs was a common practice for the German Lutheran and Reformed settlers of Eastern Pennsylvania. Learn more and see examples.

Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs Coloring Pages

These can be used to color or as templates to make wooden hex signs. Super Coloring

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