Scrapbooking Photo Album Ideas

A lot of people have an idea in their minds about what a scrapbook is based on the traditional scrapbooking albums from twenty plus years ago.  But there are now so many ways to create a scrapbook!

What is a scrapbook?

A scrapbook is a blank book with pages that preserve family history.  Photos, tickets, letters, drawings, souvenirs, etc. can be saved in these scrapbooks that highlight a special time to be remembered.

Typed or handwritten notes are written to keep the memories alive. The scrapbook photo album is customized with each page layout, unlike traditional photo albums.

Is scrapbooking still popular?

Although scrapbooking has been done in some form for ages, it is a hobby that is still very popular.  Different scrapbooking photo ideas have come into vogue, which will be discussed later.

Making scrapbooks involves creativity and is a great outlet for people who indulge in this hobby. Most find it relaxing and fun. As new scrapbooking photo ideas and materials are developed, the joy of scrapbooking will last a very long time.

Scrapbook Album Ideas

When I started making scrapbooks when my first child was born, traditional scrapbooking was in its hay day. But as the years have passed, and people continue to want to preserve memories, the concept of what constitutes a scrapbook has changed. 

Here are several types of scrapbook albums.

  • Traditional: This type of scrapbooking album idea uses a traditional album binder with rings. These are often 12”x12” or 8 ½” by 11”.

    Paper made for scrapbooking, sometimes slipped in plastic page protectors that have three holes for the binder, is used for the background, while photos, embellishments, writing, stamping and more is added to the page.
  • Mini Albums: These albums are often used for specific events, while the traditional album covers a span of time. They do come in a variety of sizes, but are usually smaller than the traditional albums. 

    Some ideas for these mini albums are a vacation, holiday, a-week-in-the-life albums, birthdays…any event possible.
  • Digital bound albums: These albums are made on the computer and printed or most often bound into a hard-cover album.  These are most like traditional scrapbooking albums but are all done with photos uploaded to the program.

    They, however, do not have the layers that traditional albums have.
  • Planner scrapbooking albums: This scrapbooking album idea is popular as well. People use large planners and turn them into a year-long creative and historical record by using stickers, writing, washi tape, and more.   
  • Bible journal scrapbook: Remember when old family Bibles had handwritten notes in the margins? This is similar except the Bible pages are embellished in the margins with lovely, colorful, and personalized notes. 
  • Pocket Scrapbooking: This scrapbooking album idea is made by using the plastic photo protector pages in a binder and making creative pocket-sized scrapbook pages for each pocket in the photo album pages.
  • Traveler’s notebook: Available at bookstores, these traveler notebooks are usually smaller in size than most scrapbook albums.  The pages are nicely bound, and they don’t need to be used just for journaling travels.

    People use these notebooks in different ways, but they are usually very simple with written notes and drawings.

Scroll down this page to find many tutorials and ideas for both traditional and nontraditional scrapbook album ideas.

Get ready to start this voyage with our free scrapbook layout, projects and ideas page.

Save family memories while using your creative talents!

Scrapbooking Photo Album Ideas

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