Quilting Videos

Learn how to do quilting techniques with these videos. Videos are an easy way to learn how to quilt.

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How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt

Do you have piles of t-shirts around the house with sentimental value that you don't wear? Make a t-shirt quilt.

How to Make Quilt Labels with Inkjet Printer

Labeling a Quilt! Every Quilt Needs A Label! Here is a quick and easy method for making quilt labels. Associate

Accuquilt Go! Fabric Cutter Review & Demo with Pros & Cons

This video demonstration and photo demonstration shows how fast the Accuquilt Go! Big Cutter can cut fabrics. Also, pros and cons for using this fabric cutter. Staff

Accuquilt Go! Strip Dies can cut Strips, Squares and Diamonds

Learn how versatile the Accuquilt Go! Strip cutters are with this video and photo tutorial. Staff

American Pride Quilt

Have a fabric quilt panel? With this free pattern, you can make quilts from panels. This happens to be a patriotic quilt pattern but by changing the panel and colors it can be used for any seasonal quilt. Team Member

Baby Crib Quilt Pattern

Learn how to make a cute quilted baby crib quilt with this tutorial.
This quilt features nine quilt blocks with multiple sashing, a fence border at top and bottom and then two borders on the side. It is a Peter Rabbit themed quilt but can be revised to accommodate any theme.

Backing - How to Make Quilt Backing

How to create a backing for a quilt.


Learn about batik fabric. What is the right and wrong side of batik fabric?

Batting - Piecing Batting

Do you have lots of scrap batting tucked in a drawer or container? Piece the leftover quilt batting together into a larger piece using a sewing machine. Learn how with our video tutorial and photo tutorial with step-by-step instructions. Staff

Binding a Quilt

Learn how to add a binding to a quilt. Learn how to make the binding, how to attach the binding, how to miter corners and how to attached the binding ends.This is a scrappy binding which is sewn onto the quilt. No hand sewing is required.

Blocks - Assembling Blocks

Learn how to arrange quilt blocks or square and how to sew them together.

Butterfly Quilt Wall Hanging

This tutorial features a butterfly quilt wall hanging made with free paper piecing patterns. Learn to make this beautiful butterfly wall art. Associate

Canadian Flag Block (Maple Leaf Block)

Learn how to make a Canadian flag quilt block (aka Maple Leaf Quilt Block) with this free pattern. The block in this tutorial was done in true Canadian colors of red and white. Or the block can be made with any color you like. Piece together from scraps in multi-colors for the perfect autumn maple leaf quilt. Associate

Canadian Flag Mug Rug Pattern

This mug rug pattern is suitable for all quilters with a quick-fuse applique and no binding finish. Instead, the mug rug is sewn together, all three layers, then flipped so that everything is right side out and the opening that’s left is machine sewn closed. Associate

Chain Piecing (Quilting Technique)

This video will show you how to do chain piecing. Chain piecing is a way to stitch quilt pieces together quickly. Another advantage of this method is it saves thread.

Concord Kitties

A finished project made by a staff member. Kitties on a bunch of grapes. Garden Patch Cats, by Helene Knott.

Double Fold Binding

This video will show you how to make double-fold binding which is also known as the French-fold binding. This is one of the commonest binding techniques.

Double Four Patch Block

Learn to use your Accuquilt Go! and Qube to make a double four patch quilt block. Traditional cutting instructions are also included with this tutorial. Associate

Double Four Patch Quilt

This is an easy quilt pattern made with alternating double four patch blocks and feature fabric blocks. This is a nice pattern for fabric with a large motif. This is a great quilt someone learning to quilt. Associate

Easy Strip Quilt

A strip quilt is a quick, easy and time-saving way to whip up a quilt and is the ultimate quilt for beginner quilters.

Learn how to make a strip quilt with this photo tutorial with step-by-step instructions along with the video tutorial.

Fabric Glue Stick

A Fabric Glue Stick is a handy product everyone should have in their sewing kit. Learn more about how and when to use a fabric glue stick.

Fabric Tree Ornament

Bright up your Christmas tree with cute tree ornaments. To make this ornament you will learn how to use scrap fabric and strip piece the fabric together to make the strip-pieced ornament.
Watch our video tutorial and read our written instructions to learn how. Staff

Fidget Quilt Tutorial

How to make a fidget quilt.
fidget quilt is a lap quilt which helps provide stimulation for the fidgeting hands of Alzheimer's, dementia, and autistic people. It sooths the fidgeting by entertaining them, busying hands and fingers, stimulates their senses and gives them something to do.

Flange Quilt Binding Tutorial

Learn to bind a quilt with a flange binding. This double-fold quilt binding is attached by machine and has no hand sewing. Staff

Fold Over Quilt Binding (Self Binding)

Learn how to self bind a quilt, table runner or wall hanging using the backing fabric as a binding. This binding method is so easy. Learn how with our video tutorial and photo tutorial with step-by-step instructions. Staff

Foundation Paper Piecing Tip

Do you have trouble keeping track of the colors when paper piecing? Know which fabric to use with this quick tip. Associate

Four Patch Quilt - Easy Charm Pack Quilt Pattern

A four patch quilt pattern is a wonderful quilt for a beginner quilter and is a wonderful way to use charm packs.

Learn how to make a four patch quilt with this tutorial. Staff

Half Square Triangle (HST)

How to sew half square triangle units for a quilt block.


Do you ever have trouble pulling the needle through the fabric? This tips explains how to use a small piece of jar opener rubber to help pull needle through material.

Hanging Quilt

This quick tip explains how to hang a quilted wall hanging using plastic rings. This is a quick and easy method.

Hanging Sleeve (Quilt Sleeve)

This video will explain how to prepare a quilt or wall hanging to hang on the wall by sewing a sleeve on the back of the project.

Highlight Yellow Project Challenge

A personal project completed by This project was a challenge by a quilt guild to make something using highlight yellow fabric. This is the result of the challenge.

How and Why to Bring Thread to Quilt Surface

This quick tip tutorial will explain how and why it is important to bring the bobbin thread to the top of the quilt when machine quilting.

How to Bind a Potholder

Learn a simple way to bind a potholder with a hanging loop. This binding is completely done with a sewing machine using the serpentine stitch. No hand stitching.

How to Machine Quilt with the Serpentine Stitch

The serpentine stitch is an easy and quick way to machine quilt. The serpentine stitch adds gently waving lines to a quilt or quilt project. Watch our video and read our blog to learn how to quilt using the serpentine stitch.

How to Tie A Quilt

This video will show you how to tie a quilt. This is a quick and easy way to hold quilt layers together.

Hunter's Star Quilt

Learn to make a Hunter's Star Quilt with a free pattern and tutorial. This pattern uses the Accquilt Hunter's Star Block Die to make the cutting easy. Associate

Hunter's Star Quilt Block with Accuquilt Go!

Learn to make a Hunter's Star quilt block the easy way with your Accuquilt Go! Use this block to make a Hunter's Star Quilt. Associate

I Spy Quilt

I Spy Quilts are the perfect interactive quilt for toddlers. Sew up a cute I Spy quilt with this tutorial and a panel from Robert Kaufman Fabric. Staff

Jelly Roll Mug Rug

Are you looking for something to do with your jelly roll fabric? These quilted mug rugs are a perfect way to use up some of those jelly roll strips. Learn how here. Staff

Joining Binding Strips

The best way to join quilt binding strips together to make continuous quilt binding that will fit around the quilt project.

Leaders and Enders in Quilting & Sewing

Leaders and Enders, also referred to as thread savers, are just little pieces of scrap fabric that you feed under the presser foot before and after sewing. Learn how to use them and their advantages. Associate

Learn to Quilt - How to Make a Quilt Sandwich

Learn how to layer the backing, batting and quilt top together. This layering is called a quilt sandwich.
It also shows how to pin baste the quilt. Pin basting the quilt prepares the quilt to be quilted. Quilting attaches the three layers together.


This video and photo tutorial will show you how to quilt the layers together of a simple baby quilt. This is part of our learn to quilt series.

Machine Applique (Raw Edge Applique)

This video will show you have to use your sewing machine to applique using a fusible web product. This is also known as raw edge applique. This is quick and easy applique method.

Machine Quilting - How to Machine Quilt a Design

A video on how to machine quilt.

Machine Quilting - Stitch in the Ditch

This video tutorial is on how to stitch in the ditch using your sewing machine.

Minky Baby Quilt with Woodland Animals

This is a minky baby blanket with a woodland animals theme. This self binding baby blanket makes binding with minky quick and easy. Associate

Mitered Corner - How to Sew A Mitered Corner

This video will show you how to mitered a corner when adding binding to a project.

My Little Pony Themed Star Stream Quilt

Learn about the Star Stream Quilt Pattern and the quilt we made with this star quilt pattern and My Little Pony fabrics. By changing the feature fabric, this star quilt could be made for any child.

Also, find cutting instructions using an Accuquilt Cutter. Associate

Nine Patch Pillow

A traditional nine-patch block can be used for the front of a pillow. Learn how to make a cute pillow using this patchwork quilting method. Staff

Paper Doll Quilt

This paper doll quilt is a personal project completed by

Paper Piecing (Foundation Piecing)

How to paper piece. This tutorial will explain how to do paper piecing which is also known an foundation paper piecing. Perfect points and angles are easier which using this quilting technique.

Personalized Tote Bags for Kids

Tote bags for kids are simple to make. Start with a plain tote bag then have a blast personalizing it with kid's name and their favorite character. Associate

Pillowcase Finish - Finish Quilt without Binding

Learn how to finish a quilt without using a binding. This quilt finishing technique is referred to as the pillow case method or the envelope method. This method is appropriate for small quilts, such as baby quilts, and quilt hangings. It is a quick and easy way to finish a quilt.

Prevent Quilt Ruler from Slipping

How many of you have experienced the quilt ruler slip and slide while you’re running the rotary cutter along the ruler’s edge? Here is an easy solution to stop it. Associate

Pumpkin Mug Rug

Mug rugs are fun, quick small quilts that can be completed in an afternoon. With this free pattern, you will learn how to make a pumpkin mug rug quilt. Staff

QUILT FABRIC - Prewash or No Prewash

If you prewash fabric, how do you prevent fraying? Learn some techniques on how to stop fraying.

Quilt Rod - Hanging A Quilt

How to make a rod for hanging a quilt or wall hanging and how to hang it on the wall. This project uses a hanging sleeve or quilt sleeve on the back of the quilt.

Quilted Fabric - How to Make Your Own Quilted Fabric

Learn a quick and easy way to make quilted fabric.

Quilters Knot

A video on how to make a quilters knot. This knot is used for quilting, hand sewing and hand quilting.

Quilting Density and Batting Choice

How far apart should quilting lines be? Learn how the batting choice is important for determining the distance between quilting lines. Staff


Don't toss your old rotary blades away! Store them in the plastic container marked "Used" and use them to cut paper for scrapbooking and card marking projects.

Sailboat Quilt Block Pattern

Learn how to make a classic quilt pattern, the sailboat block. This fun and easy quilt pattern can be used in a quilt, wall hanging, pillow or other projects. It's an easy block to personalize in a number of ways to create an awesome baby quilt, boy quilt or nautical themed nursery.

Scrappy Binding

A video tutorial on how to make a scrappy quilt binding.

Scrappy Quilt Backing

This tutorial shows how to create a scrappy quilt backing fabric for a wall hanging, table runner or topper. Associate

Ships Ahoy! Make a Sailboat Quilt

Learn how to sew a Sailboat Quilt! With our free tutorial, use the classic sailboat block pattern to sew a quilt. Charming fabric stash buster quilt.
This charming nautical quilt is a perfect addition to a nautical themed bedroom or nursery, a beach or lake house or as a gift for someone who enjoys sailboats and sailing.

Snap 'n Store Carry Case

This Snap ‘n Store Carry case by Allary is really handy for storing or traveling with sewing tool. The plastic case can hold items such as pens, pencils, scissors, rotary cutters, sewing aids, crochet hooks, glasses, glue sticks and much more. Learn more about this product.

Snow Buddies Embroidery Pattern

Do you like snowmen? Your love the free hand embroider snowmen patterns from American Patchwork and Quilting. Make them into a wall hanging, placemat, potholder, table runner, and Christmas tree ornaments. Staff

Squaring Up A Quilt

Learn how to square a quilt with this easy step-by-step video and photo tutorial. Associate

String Piecing with Foundation Paper (String Quilting)

How to make a sting quilt block using paper as the foundation. This technique is so easy and fun and a great way to use scrap fabric.

String Quilt

A string quilt is a wonderful scrap busting quilt pattern.  This quilt pattern can use up many scraps of all sizes.  Learn how to make a string pieced quilt.

Strip Piece Potholder

Spruce up your kitchen with this tutorial on how to sew a no-binding potholder using leftover jelly roll strips with this free quilted potholder pattern. Associates

Strip Piecing

Learn the quilting technique of strip piecing with this video.

Sulky - Quilting Video Tutorials

A variety of video tutorials on beginner to advanced techniques by Sulky. Sulky Store

T-Shirt Quilt - Part 1: Stabilizing and Cutting T-Shirt Blocks

Learn how to cut the t-shirt apart, how to stabilize and how to cut the t-shirt into useable blocks.

T-Shirt Quilt - Part 2: Resizing a Block

Sometimes the dimensions of the t-shirt image will be to small for the project or you want to combined images together. Learn what you can do! By

T-Shirt Quilt - Part 3: Deciding How to Quilt

This tutorial is about deciding how to quilt a T-shirt quilt - yourself or a professional long-arm quilter.

T-Shirt Quilt - Part 4: Quilt Sandwich

A quilt sandwich is made up of a quilt top, the batting and the quilt backing. This tutorial will show you how to sandwich the quilt with safety pins.

T-Shirt Quilt - Part 5: Machine Quilt a T-Shirt Quilt

Learn how to machine quilt a t-shirt quilt or any quilt with straight-line quilting.

T-Shirt Quilt - Part 6: Binding and Labeling

The final steps in making a t-shirt quilt or any quilt is:
* Binding the quilt
* Labeling the quilt
* Quilt Hanging Sleeve (optional)
Learn how to finish a quilt.

Traditional Quilt Binding Method

This tutorial shows how to finish the edges of a quilt, wall hanging, table runner, placemat, and other quilt projects using a traditional binding method. Staff

Veggie Pot Holder

These pot holders were quick and easy to make. The paper piecing is a simple pattern so they are a good pattern to try for your first paper piecing project.

Wavy Table Runner Pattern

This DIY table runner has a fun wave that gives a unique look. Make this free wavy table runner pattern in about one hour! This is an easy table runner to sew. Associate

Windy Pinwheel Block Pattern

Learn to make a fast and easy pinwheel block pattern with the following video and step-by-step photo tutorial. Instructions include directions for cutting the fabric using an Accuquilt fabric cutter and also traditional rotary cutting. Associate

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