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This is another tutorial in our series of how to knit with loopy yarn. We came up with this new loopy stitch ourselves. The stitch is wonderful to use to make fluffy rugs.  We are making a bath rug with this new stitch and will have a video tutorial in the future showing the rug.

If you have not seen the loop yarn before, this is a new type of yarn which appeared in stores recently. The yarn features unique preformed loops so no knitting needles are required. All you need are your hands.

There are a least four different brands of loop yarn - Bernat Alize Blanket EZ yarn, Big Twist Loopity Loop Yarn, Red Hearts Loop-It Yarn and Lion Brand Off The Hook Yarn. Links to purchase yarn are at the end of this article.

This loopy, puffy yarn makes it extremely fun, quick and easy to knit blankets, scarfs, pillows, cowls and more. It makes knitting easy and fun for children, pre-teens, teenagers and even adults.

Please watch this video and read on to learn how to knit the loopy stitch.

At the end of this article, you will find other tutorials on how to knit with loop yarn.

Watch our Video Below or Click the link to watch Loop Yarn Loopy Stitch Tutorial in Youtube.

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  • Two Skeins of Red Heart Loop Yarn or another brand of loop yarn.  We recommend you use a different color yarn for your foundation yarn and for the loops.

Loop Yarn Loopy Stitch Tutorial - Supplies


To make this loopy stitch use two skeins of the loop yarn of any brand.  We recommend using two complementary colors for the two skeins.  The one color will become the foundation of the project and won't be seen as much except on the back.  The 2nd color is the loops which stick up and are seen.

We recommend using two different color yarns so that it's easier to identify the foundation loops.  As you work, there are MANY loops!  If you are using the same color for the foundation and the loops it can get very confusing which loops are which and you may end up not securing the loops properly.

STEP 1: Count the number of foundation chains

From your foundation chain color, count out the number of loops you need for your project.  The number of loops will indicate the approximate width of the finished project.Loop Yarn Loopy Stitch Tutorial - Foundation Row

For our sample, we used 10 foundation loops.  We will call this yarn the foundation yarn for the remainder of this tutorial.

STEP 2: Insert Loops from 2nd color

Take your second color yarn.  This will be called the working yarn for the remainder of this tutorial.  Both yarns are actually working yarns, but we need to identify each for this tutorial.

From the working yarn, take the first two loops and insert BOTH loops into the last loop in the foundation chain.  This would be the 10th loop you counted.Loop Yarn Loopy Stitch Tutorial - two loops

Continue across by taking the next two loops from the working yarn and inserting them both into the next loop in the foundation yarn.  At the end of the row, you will have 20 loops inserted into the 10 foundation loops.

Below is the finished row two showing the two loops inserted into each of the foundation row loops.Loop Yarn Loopy Stitch Tutorial - Finished row 2

Your foundation yarn will be on the left side and the working yarn on the right side.

STEP 3: Secure previous loops with working yarn

The next row is begun by stitching across with the foundation yarn.  The foundation yarn will secure the two loops on each stitch in place.  To begin, insert the next loop in the foundation yarn into the previous loop in FRONT of the two loops you inserted.Loop Yarn Loopy Stitch Tutorial - Insert Foundation Stitch in front of loops view 2

Above, my right hand is holding the foundation loop.  By my left fingers are the two working chain loops in that same stitch.

Next, take the foundation yarn loop and slip it through BOTH loops of the working chain.  To do this, take the two loops and then insert the loop through them and pull it out the other side. Loop Yarn Loopy Stitch Tutorial - Insert foundation view 3 

As shown below, put the foundation chain loop through the two loops in the stitch.
Loop Yarn Loopy Stitch Tutorial - Insert foundation through two loops

Push the two loops back out of the way and have the foundation loop sticking forward.  Try to keep the foundation loops in a row so you don't get confused by which loops are the "loops" and which are the foundation loops.

Below is a photo at the end of the row.  Keep the foundation loops pulled upwards away from your work.  The working yarn loops which stick up should be pushed back and out of the way.Loop Yarn Loopy Stitch Tutorial - Loops Pushed Back

The row is complete.  Continue by alternating step 2 and step three for the number of rows required for your project.

Below shows a rug in progress with many rows finished.Loop Yarn Loopy Stitch Tutorial - Finished Stitches If you are having problems following this photo tutorial, please watch the video tutorial above as it may be easier to see the full process.

Keep a watch for our video on how to make the bath rug using this loopy stitch!


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