Sewing Tip - A Tip for Remembering to Leave an Opening for Turning

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Many sewing and quilting projects require you to leave an opening for turning the project right side out.  Usually the pattern or tutorial will tell you where to leave the opening.  

Have you ever forgotten to leave the opening?  I have and it is frustrating having to rip out some of the stitches in order to turn it right side out.  Also, if you are teaching someone how to sew, this is an excellent tip to teach them.  

Watch this video or keep reading the photo tutorial with step-by-step instructions for my quick tip solution on how to mark the opening to make sure you remember to leave an opening.

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When sewing what does it mean by turning fabric right side out?

When patterns talk about the right side of the fabric, it is the pretty or printed side.  Typically when sewing, you place two pieces of fabric or fold one piece of fabric with right sides together and then sew as directed.  After sewing the piece is turned right side out.  Sometimes it has to be turned right side out through an opening.  

And, sometimes it is easy to forget to leave the opening.

How to mark the beginning and end of the opening for turning?

This quick tip tutorial will show you how to make sure you do not stitch the turning opening closed.


Sewing Quick Tip: Marking an Opening - Pin Placement

Where should you put the opening? The pattern or tutorial will tell you where to put the opening and how long the opening should be.

Place the fabric with the right sides together and put two pins at the beginning and two pins at the end of the opening. Refer to the above example, the turning opening is between the pins.


Sewing Quick Tip: Marking an Opening - Starting PinsPlace the project under the presser foot of the sewing machine at the second set of pins, begin sewing, backstitch a few stitches at the beginning to secure the stitches. 


Sewing Quick Tip: Marking an Opening - Ending PinsContinue sewing all the way around the project until you get to the next set of pins.  Backstitch a few stitches to secure it.

You now have an opening where you can turn the fabric right-side (or pretty side) out.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you back tack (backstitch) the seam at both sides of the opening.  If you don't, some of the stitches will come out or undo as you turn the fabric to the outside.


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Sewing Quick Tip: Marking an Opening - Pin

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