Holey Jeans! ... Don't Toss Them! ... Repair Them!

Holey Jeans

Do you have jeans or pants with holes?

Learn how to patch holes and rips in pants legs with this simple repair technique. Watch our video. Also we have provided step-by-step instructions below the video.

Click to watch the Holey Jeans! ... Don't Toss Them! ... Repair Them! video in Youtube.

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You can purchase iron-on patches at the fabric store, but this video will show you how to make your own patches in any size.

Patched Jeans

Only a few simple things are needed:

* Sewing Machine

* Jeans Sewing Machine Needle

* Scrap Fabric - denim or slightly heavy fabric such as broadcloth

* Scissor

* Heat 'n Bond

* Thread


1. Trim all threads and frayed area around the hole or rip in the pants leg.

2. Using scrap denim or broadcloth fabric, cut a patch larger than the area you want to cover.

3. Cut Heat 'n Bond the same size as the patch and iron the Heat 'n Bond, using manufacturer's instructions, to the wrong side of the patch.

4. Take a scrap of denim fabric and put it inside the pant leg beneath the hole or rip. This will help prevent the patch from fusing to the back of the leg.

5. Lay the patch over the hole, right side facing up.

6. Iron the patch in place using manufacturer's directions. However, you may have to iron a little longer because it is jeans fabric and it is heavier fabric.

7. Remove the scrap fabric from inside the leg.

8. To stitch the patch, we recommend you use a jeans sewing machine needle because it has a sharp point and a shaft that is less prone to flex. However, if you do not have a jeans needle, please use a larger size universal sewing machine needle.

9. If you have a free arm machine, remove the sewing table and insert the jeans on the machine arm.

10. Stitch the patch in place using a zigzag, darning or straight stitch.

Patched Jeans

NOTE: If you do not have a free arm sewing machine, you can still patch jeans by using a seam ripper to open the inner seam of the jeans. After you have sewn on the patch, just stitch the seam closed.

If you do not want to make your own patch, below you will find a link to purchase iron-on patches and some other useful sewing supplies:

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