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Use your embroidery machine to create some special towels for Halloween. These make great gifts or for your own use. Watch our video or keep reading to learn about these towels and the patterns used to make them.

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To make these machine embroidered Halloween towels, first purchase towels from the store (see links at the end of this post for some purchase option ideas). The towels can be plain towels or towels with designs on them already.

Remember, each towel you purchase makes two finished towels. So, they can be a great value!

Find two coordinating fabrics to use for each towel topper. The towel topper design we used is by Embroidery Garden and a link to the design is available at the end of this post. 

For some of the towels, we machine embroidered patterns on the front of the towels also.  See each description and find links below to those patterns.

To make the towels you will:

  1. Cut each purchased towel in half.
  2. Use an embroidery machine to stitch out the towel topper pattern. 
  3. Attach the towel to the towel topper.

Towel Set #1

Halloween Machine Embroidered Towels - Best Witches

The towels shown above were purchased in a pack of two towels. From the two towels, we can make four finished towels (we are only showing two in the photo). 

The towel on the left in the photo had the same pattern on the front and back of the towel.  So, when the towel is cut in half this made two towels after adding the topper. 

For the towel on the right, the pattern was printed on the towel all in one direction. Don't worry, we still can get two towels from it.  Cut the towel in half and then use a seam ripper to take the bottom seam out of the one that would be upside down. This removed seam will be put into the topper.

Finish the bottom of the towel by folding up the bottom edge 1/2" twice and then sew a top stitch across to hold it in place.  Finish adding the topper as for the other towel.Halloween Towels Machine Embroidered Topper - pin 1

For the 2nd towel, I also decided to add the extra trim along the bottom with the orange poms. To add the trim, just pin it to the bottom seam and then sew it on with a topstitch.

The towel topper was created with the embroidery machine and a pattern from Embroidery Garden (see below for a link to purchase the pattern). These toppers are really quick to stitch out as they only have three minutes of stitching time. So, these can be sewn very quickly.

The Embroidery Garden design comes with a complete photo tutorial PDF which explains how to cut, sew and add the topper onto your towels. I cut several out ahead of time and have them in a pile ready to go. Then I can just stitch them out quickly in a series.

Finally, Kam Snaps are used for the snaps on the topper. Kam snaps come in many colors and are easy to install. We have a video which explains How to install the Kam Snaps. Find links below to purchase Kam Snaps.How to install Kam Snaps

Towel Set #2

Halloween Machine Embroidered Towels - Fraidy Cat

The two above towels were made with a plain grey and white towel. Even plain towels can become something special! The "fraidy cat" was machine embroidered onto the towel first using a pattern from Bird Brain Designs. Find a link to the Bird Brain designs pattern pack below.

These towels were then finished by adding a topper to the towel with the same pattern as the previous towels above.Halloween Towels Machine Embroidered Topper - pin 2

If you haven't machine embroidered on a towel before, watch our video for a great tutorial and tips. Don't forget to use a wash away topper to keep the "fluff" of the towel down when embroidering! Click below for the video tutorial. How to Machine Embroider on a Towel Video

Below is a close up of the "Fraidy Cat" embroidery. The embroidery pack by Bird Brain Designs comes with several cute Halloween embroideries.Halloween Machine Embroidered Towels - Fraidy Cat Closeup

Towel #3

This is another cute towel which was a plain grey towel with embroidery added: "It's all about the shoes". This embroidery comes in a pack from Designs By JuJu (find the link below to purchase the pattern pack). This is a machine applique embroidery pattern and is a cute design. There are also several other designs in the pack.Halloween Machine Embroidered Towels - It's all about the shoes

To make this towel, cut a plain gray towel in half.  Embroider the applique embroidery pattern onto both sections of the towel.  Learn how to machine applique embroider by clicking the link to our youtube video tutorial.

This towel was also finished by adding a topper with the same towel topper pattern as the other towels.
Halloween Machine Embroidered Towels- It's all about the shoes closeup

This is a close up of the "It's all about the shoes" embroidery. The embroidery pack comes with several cute Halloween embroideries.

We hope you enjoyed this project idea and make some Halloween Towels for yourself or for gifts.Halloween Towels Machine Embroidered Topper - pin 3

See below for links to purchase the patterns, towels, Kam Snaps and other supplies you may need for this project. Purchases of supplies through our links gives us a small commission, so purchasing through our links helps us to keep making more videos.

Happy Embroidering!

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Bird Brain Designs - Halloween Tea Towel Designs

This design pack has the "Fraidy Cat" design. Bird Brain Designs

Designs by JuJu - Halloween Word Art

This design pack has the "It's all about the Shoes" design. Designs By Juju

Embroidery Garden - In the Hoop Kitchen Set

This set contains the towel topper pattern used to make these towels. Embroidery Garden


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