Basics of Machine Embroidery

These site introduce you to the basics of machine embroidery.

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Embroidery Machine Basics

With over 100 Machine Embroidery Tips & Hints for the Complete Beginner by Christina Turner - Kindle Book - Published 2012 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Embroidery Machine Essentials: Basic Techniques

20 Designs and Project Ideas to Develop Your Embroidery Skills by Jeanine Twigg - Paperback - Published 2003 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Machine Embroidery With Confidence

A Beginners Guide: Easy-to-follow tutorial for beginners in machine embroidery. by Nancy Zieman - Paperback - Published 2005 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Basics - Machine Embroidery Basics

An article on machine embroidery basics. Urban Threads

Design Placement

A step-by-step guide to design positioning using paper templates. ABC Embroidery Designs

Design Placement

Guidelines for placing a design on a garment or project. Embroidery Mall

Design Position

Step-by-step guide on precise design positioning using a paper template. ABC Machine Embroidery

Dielines - Printing and Stitching Dielines

This article has two methods for using the dieline file to create a perfectly shaped piece of fabric. Urban Threads

Hoopless Machine Embroidery Technique

Machine embroidery hooping pictorial showing how to use Sulky Sticky and float another layer of stabilizer. Windstar Embroidery

Jump Stitch

About jump stitches in digitized machine embroidery designs. Secrets of Embroidery

Jump Stitches

About jump stitches. Craft Stylish

K.O. Designs Tips & Tricks

How to combine designs, large hoop problems, sticky stabilizer are a few of the useful tips on this site for machine embroidery.


Machine Embroidery In the Hoop (ITH) Owl Hair Clip

This video explains how to create an In the Hoop (INH) Owl Hair clip with your embroidery machine.

Organizating Patterns

This article will help you organize embroidery patterns on you PC. A.B.C. Cross-Stitch Freebies Archive

Organizing Machine Embroidery Designs

Embroidery Library Projects

Organizing Your Embroidery Design Collections

Artistic Thread Works


Pattern - Resizing Design

This video tutorial is on how to resize a design on a Brother's Innovis 4000D embroidery machine.


Pattern - Rotate a Design

This video is on how to rotate a design on a Brother's Innovis 4000D embroidery machine.


Pattern - Skipping Forward or Backward

This video is on how to skip forward and backward while you are in the middle of sewing a design on a Brother's Innovis 4000D embroidery machine.


Pattern/Design - Loading a Pattern or Design

A quick tutorial on how to load a pattern or design into a Innovis 4000D embroidery machine.

Patterns - Backup Copy

Learn how to backup copy of patterns to a CD A.B.C. Cross-Stitch Freebies Archive


T-shirt - How to Machine Embroider A T-Shirt

This video will explain how to machine embroider a design on the front center of a t-shirt.

Thread Tension

How to check the top thread tension on your embroidery machine. Windstar Embroidery


Towel - How to Machine Embroidery a Towel

This video will explain how to machine embroider on a towel.


Video Series on how to use a Brother Innovis 4000D

These videos describe how to use your Innovis 4000D including loading designs from USB, resizing designs, skipping forward and backward, combining designs and rotating designs.

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