How to make a Zippered Pencil Case

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Zippered Pencil Bag

It's that time of the year again!

Time to think about back to school! Time when kids are bored and don't know what to do!

Keep them busy for an afternoon by teaching them to make a back-to-school zippered pencil case. Let them pick the fabric, learn how to install a zipper, how to sew up the case and then fill their handmade case with back to school supplies. Adults love these pencil cases too.

Watch this video tutorial and read the written instruction below to learn how to sew up a simple and quick zipper pencil case. No pattern required.

Click the image below to watch the video in Youtube.


Fabric - 10" x 10"
12" zipper
Sewing Machine



Cut a square piece of fabric 10" x 10".

Recommendation: Use a heavier fabric such as denim, broadcloth, home décor or duck cloth.


Place fabric on table right side up. Lay the zipper, pull side down, along raw edge of fabric. The zipper is longer than the fabric. It should extend past the fabric equally on both sides.

Attach a zipper foot to sewing machine and stitch close to the zipper teeth.

Turn fabric over and pull fabric away from zipper. Top stitch close to the fold. Sew another row of stitches about ¼” away from previous stitching. This helps to hold the zipper in place.

Repeat the above by sewing zipper to the other side – align zipper on raw edge, stitch close to the zipper teeth, open zipper, pull fabric away from zipper, top stitch, stitch a second row of stitches ¼” away.

Zip the zipper closed.


With right sides together, fold the fabric so edge of zipper tape is along the top fold of the zipper case. Press.

Attach a standard presser foot to sewing machine.

On the non-zipper pull side, stitch the side seam using a 3/8” seam allowance. Cut off excess zipper and zigzag seam to keep it from fraying. NOTE: Do not use your fabric scissor to cut the zipper. If you do, you can dull the scissor blades.

Unzip the zipper at least half way. Line up the zipper and pin zipper tape on the other side to keep it in place.

Sew this side using a 3/8” seam allowance, cut zipper and zigzag edge.


Clip corners of pencil case on a diagonal close to stitching.

Turn pencil case right side out.

Push corners out and iron flat.

The handy dandy zipper pencil case is finished.

Zippered Pencil Bag

Front of Pencil Case

Zippered Pencil Bag

Back of Pencil Case

How to make a Velco pencil case (No zipper Needed)

To learn how to make a pencil case using Velcro as the closure, please click the image below to watch the video in YouTube.

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