How to make a Undertale Temmie Costume

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Do you know or are an Undertale fan?  Do you want to dress up for Halloween as Temmie from Undertales?  We have a simple way to make a great Temmie costume!  We also have a Sans costume tutorial, so click over to find out how to make one.

From an inexpensive t-shirt, sew on yellow stripes for Temmie.  Then make a headband with large ears.  Lastly, finish it off with a tail!  Wear grey pants to complete the outfit.  This makes a wonderful Undertale Temmie costume.

Look below for supplies for this costume.

Watch the video below or keep reading to find out the details.

Watch our Video Below or Click the link to watch How to make a Undertale Temmie Costume in Youtube.


  • Turquoise T-Shirt
  • Light Gray and White Craft Foam
  • White and Yellow Felt
  • White Headband
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Polyester Fiberfill Stuffing

Undertale Temmie Costume Tutorial - Supplies



Undertale Temmie Costume Tutorial - Stuff TailThe first step is to cut out the small triangle shaped ears and larger ears from the craft foam.  

For the smaller triangle ears, use the white foam. Cut out a triangle the size you want to make the ear.  Use the first triangle to cut the second one by tracing around it and then cutting out the foam.  This will ensure the two ears are the same size and shape.

With the light grey craft foam, cut out two inner ears in the same manner.  Cut one and then use it to trace and cut the second one.

Next, from the white craft foam, cut out the larger ears.  These are more oblong in shape.  Use the first one as a template, tracing around it onto the craft foam and then cut the second ear.Undertale Temmie Costume Tutorial - Cut Large Ears


Undertale Temmie Costume Tutorial - Glue EarsUsing the hot glue gun, glue the light grey inner ears onto the white triangle shaped ears.  Then, glue the ears onto the top of the headband.  Make them slightly curved so they show some dimension.

Kids should always have adult supervision when using a hot glue gun.


Undertale Temmie Costume Tutorial - Trim Large EarsPlace the large ears next to the headband.  Trim the side of the ear to curve like the headband.

Using the hot glue gun, glue the larger ear to the sides of the headband.Undertale Temmie Costume Tutorial - Glue Large Ears

The Temmie ears headband is complete.

Next, we show how to make the Undertale Temmie Shirt.


Undertale Temmie Costume Tutorial - Place StripesCut strips from the yellow felt that are 2" wide.  They need to be long enough to go across the front of the shirt from seam to seam.

We used three strips across the shirt.  If your shirt is longer, you may want to place more yellow stripes.

Stripes can also be placed on the sleeves.  We decided to not put stripes on the sleeves for our costume.  Stripes on the sleeves would need to be glued on since it would be very difficult to sew them with a machine.  If you are hand sewing the stripes on, it may be more manageable to sew.


Undertale Temmie Costume Tutorial - Sew On StripesIf you will be wearing the Temmie shirt only for Halloween, you could probably get away with just gluing the stripes onto the shirt with fabric glue.

To make a more permanent shirt that can be washed and dried, sew the stripes onto the shirt.  Pin the stripes to the front of the shirt and using a zig-zag stitch, sew all the way around each stripe.

The stripes could also be hand-sewn onto the shirt.


Undertale Temmie Costume Tutorial - Cut Out TailMake a template for a tail.  Cut the template out of the paper.  Pin the template to two layers of white felt.  Cut out the tail.

Undertale Temmie Costume Tutorial - Sew TailSew around the tail with a 1/4" seam allowance.  Leave the end of the tail open where it will attach to the costume.  Clip the curves on the tail and then turn it with the right side out.  Push out the curve.

Stuff the tail with some polyester fiberfill stuffing.  Sew the end of the tail closed.Undertale Temmie Costume Tutorial - Stuff Tail

Pin the tail to the back of the shirt if it's longer.  The tail could also be pinned inside the shirt and hang out.  If the shirt is shorter, pin the tail onto the back of the pants.

Here are photos of the finished costume.Undertale Temmie Costume Tutorial - Finished Costume


Add a pair of grey pants and the costume is complete.  Here is the tail pinned to the back of the shirt.Undertale Temmie Costume Tutorial - Finished Costume Tail

Here is a photo of both kids with their finished Temmie and Sans Costumes.Undertale Temmie Costume Tutorial - Finished Sans and Temmie Costumes



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