Learn to make a Loop Yarn Textured Blanket

Loop Yarn Textured Blanket Tutorial - Facebook has been bringing you exciting new projects made from Loop Yarn.  In this photo and video tutorial, we bring you another fun and exciting new project, our Loop Yarn Textured blanket.  This blanket is fun, quick and easy to make.  

Loop yarn is a new product which appeared in stores recently, we have found this yarn fun to use to make projects like pillows, scarfs, blankets and more.   Visit our Loop Yarn Tutorial page for many tutorials and projects to make with this new yarn.

Learn how to make this Loop Yarn Textured Blanket by watching our video below or keep reading this post.

Watch our Video Below or Click the link to watch Learn to make a Loop Yarn Textured Blanket in Youtube.

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  • Red Heart Loop It Yarn (or other loop yarn).  We used 3 skeins each of white, purple and pink.  (Find links to loop yarn at the end of this article)
  • Scissor
  • Written pattern (at the end of this tutorial)

Red Heart Loop It Yarn


To make the blanket, we used 3 skeins each of Red Heart Loop It yarn in purple, white and pink.  The finished size of the blanket is 42" x 60".   Each skein has 7.6 yards of yarn.  If you use a different brand or type of yarn, check the length as you may need to adjust the amount of yarn purchased.

This blanket can easily be made larger or smaller by altering the number of loops in the foundation row, or changing the number of rows you stitch.  If you add/subtract the foundation row loops, you will change the width of the blanket.  By adding more or less rows, you will change the length.  If you make it larger, you will need more skeins of yarn.  When you add rows or loops, add in groups of 5 loops.  Each of the "blocks" are 5 loops wide by 5 rows, so when adding, always add 5 loops or 5 rows.    

You can use any color combination you wish from one solid color to many multi colors.  You can change colors after each set of five rows if you'd like!  This pattern is very versatile.

Can I switch colors for each block?

With the loop yarn, you could switch colors after each block or in a different pattern, but it is more difficult and may not look the way you would like it to look.  When switching colors, you must loop the new color in at least one loop before you want to see the color (behind the previous loop).

So, this color will show on the back of the blanket which may not be a desirable look.  If you want to try this, I would suggest you try it with a smaller section first and see if you like the look.

See the section below on starting a new skein to see how to start a new skein or color in the middle of a row.  This would be the same as switching a color for each block.


Loop Yarn Textured Blanket Foundation RowFrom your first yarn color, count out 60 loops.  It helps to have all of the loops laying in the same direction, facing up, as you see the in the photo above.  This will makes it easier  when you start the next row.


Loop Yarn Textured Blanket First 5 Stocking StitchThe rows in the blanket will consist of a combination of 5 stocking stitches, 5 garter stitches, 5 stocking stitches, 5 garter stitches, etc., to the end of the row. 

To begin the first row, you will make  5 stocking stitches in the loops in the foundation row..  Stocking stitches ,which is also known as the knit stitch, are made by taking the loop of the working yarn and inserting it  from BACK to FRONT through the loop in the foundation row or previous row.

Working from right to left, to make the first 5 stocking stitch (knit stitch), place the working yarn in back of the last foundation loop and  pull the loop (from working yarn) up through the back of the last loop on the foundation row. Make four more stocking stitches in the same matter by placing the working yarn loop behind the next loop in the foundation row and pulling it though the loop. 

Click the link above for a full tutorial on how to stitch the stocking stitch (knit stitch) with loop yarn.


Loop Yarn Textured Blanket First 5 Garter StitchContinue across the row by stitching 5 garter stitches.  To make a garter stitch, which is also known as a purl stitch, take the next loop in the working yarn and put it through the next loop in the foundation row from FRONT to BACK. Continue with the next working yarn loop and the next loop in the foundation row.  Make a total of  5 garter stitches. Our garter stitch tutorial will show you how to stitch the garter stitch with loop yarn if you need more details.


Loop Yarn Textured Blanket First Row CompleteContinue across the row by alternating stitching -  5 stocking stitches and then 5 garter stitches.  By the end of the first row, you should be able to start to see the textured pattern. The row will end with 5 garter stitches. Do not turn work.


For row 2, working from left to right, begin with 5 garter stitches, then 5 stocking stitches, 5 garter stitches alternating between 5 stocking stitches and 5 garter stitches across the row in the same matter as the previous row. Stitch 5 stitches of each garter / stocking / garter until the row is finished.  

NOTE: If you changed the size of your blanket by adding loops, you may not be starting with garter stitches.  Start with the same stitches you finished the previous row.

Be sure to COUNT each of the sets of 5 stitches to make sure not to miss a stitch.  If a loop is missed along the way, it will throw off the rest of the blanket.  It's important to count to be sure not to miss or add a loop.

Continue with rows 3 and 4 in the same manner.  The foundation row is counted as one of the first 5 rows in the block.

Once you finish the 4th row, the first set of blocks is complete!

What do I do if I missed a loop multiple rows back?

This will depend on if you missed a working loop or if you missed a loop in the block.  For either case, taking out your stitches and re-doing the work is the best option.  

If you are too far along before you notice, then it's not ruined!  If you missed a working loop, at the end of the project, you can cut and tie off/weave in the ends.  See instructions below for this.

If you missed a loop in the block this can throw off the rest of the block and blanket.  The block with the missed loop will now only have 4 loops in that block instead of 5.  So, to fix this, another loop needs to be added in on the row being worked.  Once at that block in the blanket, simply loop TWO loops from the working yarn into one loop of the blanket.  This will add another loop back into the blanket.  When working the next row, be sure to loop each of these two loops separately so there will be 5 loops again in the block.

The missed loop will need to be cut and weaved in/tied off once you are finished the blanket.  See section below.


Loop Yarn Textured Blanket Changing ColorsAfter finishing the 4th row or after each 5 rows for other blocks, it's time to change the yarn color.  At the end of the row, carefully cut off the yarn between the last loop and the working yarn. 

If making a single color blanket, then skip this step for changing colors and continue as below.

Loop Yarn Textured Blanket First Stitches in New ColorTake the next color yarn and start working with that yarn with the opposite stitch of the previous row.  To get the texture, each set of 5 blocks are alternated between the garter and stocking stitches.  So, if the previous row ended with 5 stocking stitches, then start with 5 garter stitches.  If the previous row ended with 5 garter, start the next row with 5 stocking stitches.


Loop Yarn Textured Blanket Next Stitches in New ColorContinue across the row alternating between 5 garter and 5 stocking stitches.  The stitch should be the opposite of the stitch in the previous row all the way across.   This will create the texture in the blocks.

Stitch 5 rows of this color in the same manner.  The 2nd - 5th rows of this color will have the same stitches (garter or stocking) from the previous row.  Once the 5th row is finished, this block and color is finished.


Loop Yarn Textured Blanket Start Next ColorIn the same way as the previous color change, once the 5th row is finished, cut off the color after the last loop.  Start the next color of the blanket.  Remember to stitch the opposite stitch of the previous row.  If the previous row was a garter, then start with 5 stocking stitches.  If it was a stocking stitch, start with 5 garter stitches.  

Continue across the first row of the new color stitching the opposite stitch of the previous row.  Once this first row of the new color is finished, stitch the next 4 rows with the same stitches as the previous row.

Step 9: Continue to stitch blanket

Continue to stitch the blanket changing colors every 5 rows as described above.  Change the stitch with each color change to continue the textured pattern.   See below to learn  what to do when you run out of yarn in the skein.Loop Yarn Textured Blanket Tutorial Close Up  

Our blanket was ended once a set of blocks for a color was complete and there was not enough yarn left on the skein to make another set of rows.  This blanket can be made longer by adding more yarn and rows.

Save the leftover yarn as you can make small project with remaining yarn.  We will have a doll scarf video coming soon which is great for leftover yarn.


Loop Yarn Textured Blanket Bind OffAfter finishing the last row, it's time to bind off to finish the blanket.  The last row will have all of the loops sticking up.  At this point you are finished working with the working yarn, so it can be cut off at the end of the row.

Working across the row in the direction the next row would have been worked, take the 2nd loop pass it through the first loop.  Take the 3rd loop and pass it through the 2nd loop.  Continue across the row passing the next loop through the previous loop.  Finish the bind off.

At the end of the row, cut open the last loop that was passed through.  Tie this loop off and cut or tuck in the ends.

The blanket is complete!Loop Yarn Textured Blanket Tutorial Finished On Chair


How do I start a new skein?

Loop Yarn Textured Blanket Start New SkeinAt some point, the skein will run out and it will likely happen in the middle of a row.  Stitch until the last loop of the yarn.  Take the next skein of the same color of yarn and loop the first loop of the new yarn into the SAME loop as the last loop of the yarn that ran out.

The yarn must overlap by at least one loop.  Two loops can also be overlapped if desired.  If loops are not overlapped, then there will be a gap in the blanket because the loops will not be connected together.   So, start the new yarn by looping two loops into one or two stitches previous stitched.  

Remember when stitching back across the next row, pick up the two loops as if they were ONE loop by putting the working yarn loop through both at the same time.  Always keep the 5 loops for each block. 

Our Loop Yarn Ending Yarn Tutorial will give more information on starting a new skein.

What if I missed a loop?

Loop Yarn Textured Blanket Missed a LoopAfter finishing your blanket, you may turn it over and find out that there is an extra loop sticking up!  Don't worry, you can fix it.  Cut the loop at the top of the loop take the ends and tie them off to the blanket and tuck them in or carefully trim them.

Do not cut between the bottom of the loop where the yarn is attached.  This will open up the yarn and there will be too much yarn.  It will also cause a gap between the rows because the connected yarn holds it together.

Customize The Blanket

This blanket is completely customizable.  Choose one or many colors.  We used three colors for ours, but alternate between four or 5 colors if desired.  Or keep the blanket one color and use the same color throughout.

Make the blanket wider by starting with more than 60 loops.  Make it smaller by starting with less loops.  Remember to add or subtract in increments of 5 loops though!  

The blanket can be made longer by simply adding more rows in sets of 5 rows.  Make it shorter by leaving off some rows.  If adding more rows or loops, you will need more yarn.


  • ss (stocking stitch)
  • gt (garter stitch)

Do not turn your work after each row.  The same side faces you throughout the stitching.  Work rows right to left or left to right, alternating.

Base Row: Count out 60 loops of yarn for the foundation chain row
Row 1: 5 ss, 5 gt (repeat 5 times). 
Row 2: 5 gt, 5 ss (repeat 5 times). 
Row 3: Repeat row 1.
Row 4: Repeat row 2.
Row 5: Change colors, 5 gt, 5 ss (repeat 5 times).  
Row 6: 5 ss, 5 gt (repeat 5 times).
Row 7: Repeat row 5.
Row 8: Repeat row 6
Row 9: Repeat row 5.
Repeat rows 5 - 9 (10 times)


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

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