Learn to Quilt - Assemble Blocks

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Learn to Quilt - Finished Quilt Top

This is the second part in our learn to quilt series. In this video we will show how to arrange the fabric squares and how to sew them together.

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Learn to Quilt - Finished Quilt Top

For this quilt, I wanted five square units across and six squares units down.

Lay the blocks out so you can visually see how the pieces look together. Play with the pieces until you like the look or pattern.

First, the squares must be sewn together to make rows.

NOTE: When sewing quilt squares and blocks together, you almost always use a 1/4" seam. Using a quilter quarter inch foot makes this task easy. Just position the edge of the fabric along the edge of the presser foot and you create a 1/4" seam.

To sew the first row, bring the first row of fabric squares to the sewing machine in the order to be sewn.

Take the first two squares and put them right sides together, aligning all sides. Pin them in place. Sew the squares together with a 1/4" seam allowance. Remember to remove the pins as you sew.

Then, open the piece just sewn and pin the next square in place. Sew together. Continue sewing the squares together making the first row.

When piecing these squares, there is no need to backtack because you will be crossing over each seam when sewing rows together and when finishing the quilt which will prevent the seams from unraveling and coming apart.

Pressing the seams and blocks is essential for a nice looking finished quilt.

After you have completed sewing the first row, with the wrong side of the row facing up, press all the seams in one direction. Then turn the row over and press the right side to make sure the seam is laying nice and flat.

Continue sewing squares into rows.

The only difference will be in the pressing. Press the seams in each row in alternating directions. This will help when matching up the corners as the rows are sewn together and also reduce bulk at the intersections. Example: If the first row seam allowance is pressed to the right, press the seam in the the second row to the left. Four to right, fifth to left, sixth to right, etc.

Learn to Quilt - Lay Out Blocks

Once all the rows are sewn, start either at the top or the bottom of the quilt, flip the first two rows with right sides together. Pin each intersection together matching up the seams and raw edges. (Pinning will help the square points to match up.)

Sew the row together using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Continue sewing rows together.

After all the rows are sewn together, press the seams in one direction. All the row seams can be pressed in the same direction.

Learn to Quilt - Pieced Blocks


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