How to Make a Fabric Jar Topper

Fabric Jar Topper

These quick and easy fabric jar covers make mason jar gifts very attractive and cute.

The video tutorial below and DIY instructions explain how.

Click to watch the How to Make a Fabric Jar Topper video in Youtube.


Glass Mason Jar
6” circle of fabric for regular mouth jar or
7” circle of fabric for wide mouth jar
24” piece of ribbon (¼” or 3/8” wide)
Trim – such as lace or rick rack
Rubber band or Hair Ties

Fabric Jar Topper


Iron the fabric to get rid of creases and wrinkles.

Look around the house for a round item which measures about 6” if covering a regular mouth jar or 7” if covering a wide mouth jar.

Place the fabric, wrong-side up, on a flat work surface. Place the round item on the fabric and trace a circle with a pen.

Fabric Jar Topper

With a scissor, cut out the fabric circle.

Fabric Jar Topper

Sew the trim along the raw edge of the fabric circle using a zigzag stitch.

Fabric Jar Topper

Fabric Jar Topper

Center the fabric over the top of the jar. Secure in place using a rubber band or hair tie. Adjust fabric if necessary.

Fabric Jar Topper

Place ribbon around the lid and tie a bow.

Fabric Jar Topper

Ta-Da! DONE!

These easy to make jar covers are a great way to make the jams, jellies or preserves look special for gift giving.

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Fabric Jar Topper

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