Learn to Quilt Series - How to make a quilt

Learn to Quilt - Cut Blocks

This video is the first in our learn to quilt series of videos. This video shows how to cut 5 inch blocks to use to make a baby quilt. A baby sized quilt is a great size to make for a first quilt and this one is simple to make.

At the end of this article, you will find links to the other articles in our learn to quilt series on how to assemble the blocks, how to make a backing, making a quilt sandwich by layering and pin basting, how to quilt the top and binding the quilt.

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Learn to Quilt - Select Fabrics

Select the fabrics you would like to use in your quilt. This quilt will have 30, 5" squares. I have selected three coordinating fabrics to use for my quilt. You can use more or less fabrics than three.

Learn to Quilt - Gather Supplies

For quilting, we use a mat board, rotary cutter and rulers for cutting the fabric. It's important to cut accurately sized squares so that they will fit together correctly. See below for places to purchase these supplies.

Learn to Quilt - Square Off

No matter how straight the edge of your fabric appears, it's best to cut a small amount off the edge to make sure it's straight. Otherwise, yo may end up with some blocks which are bigger/smaller than they should be.

To cut off the edge, first make sure your fabric is folded in half and the selvages are lined up. The selvage is the edge of the fabric with the printing from the manufacturer. Line this edge up with a line on your cutting mat. Take your long ruler, make sure it's straight and carefully cut a small piece off so that the edge is straight.

Learn to Quilt - Cut Strips

Next you will cut 5" strips from the fabric. I only needed two strips to get 10 blocks from each color. You may need more/less strips depending on the width of your fabric and the number of blocks you need. Remember since your fabric is folded over, you will get two blocks each time you cut one.

Use your ruler and cut a strip 5" wide across the fabric. If you ruler is 5" wide, you can use the width of the ruler to cut the strip. Or, you can align the straight edge of your fabric along a line on the mat board and use the measurements on the mat board to cut the 5" strip. Be sure your ruler is straight when you are cutting by lining up the ruler with the numbers on both sides of the mat board. If you need more than one strip, cut the strips now.

Learn to Quilt - Remove Selvage

Take the strip you cut and align it on a line on the mat board again. Make sure your ruler is straight and cut off the selvage.

Learn to Quilt - Cut Squares

Next, use your ruler to cut the 5" squares. I used a 6.5" square ruler to cut my squares. You can also use the long ruler to cut your squares. Just be sure to line up the edges of the fabric with lines on the ruler/mat board to make sure you are getting exactly 5" square.

Learn to Quilt - Charm Packs

If you do not want to cut out 5" squares from fabric, you can purchase a charm square pack. Charm square packs usually contain 42 5" squares of fabric from a specific line of fabrics. This makes it easy to coordinate fabrics since all fabrics in one line of fabric are meant to go together. The number of different fabrics vary by charm pack. You will have more than one square of each fabric in the pack.

Learn to Quilt - Cut Blocks

I now have 30 cut 5" squares and I'm ready to assemble the quilt top. Please look below for links to the other videos in this series as they come out.

Cutting: Cut the Blocks
Assemble: Assemble the Blocks
Make your Quilt Backing: Make your Quilt Backing
Layer and Pin Baste: Prepare your quilt for quilting
Quilting the Top: Quilt the Layers together
Binding A Quilt: How to Add Binding to A Quilt (No Hand Sewing)

The quilt is finished.

Tying A Quilt: How to tie a quilt instead of quilting it - Learn How to Hand Tie A Quilt
Pillowcase Quilt Finish: How to finish quilt without binding - Learn How to Finish Quilt without Binding - Pillowcase Finish

Find some supplies you will need to begin quilting below. Thank you for purchasing supplies through our links, as this helps us to keep making new videos.

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