Strip Piecing in Quilting

Books on strip piecing in quilting.

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French Braid Transformation

12 spectacular strip-pieced quilts. by Jane Hardy Miller - Paperback - Published 2011


Strip Happy - Quilting on a Roll

Make fast and easy quilts. Save time and effort with 'Jelly Roll' color-coordinated collections of pre-cut 2 1/2" strips. So, what can you do with these versatile strips? by Donna Kinsey - Paperback - Published 2007 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Strip-Easy Quilts

Streamline the cutting and piecing process while making these 9 stunning quilts using the surprisingly easy Strip-Piecing technique. by Christiane Meunier - Paperback Affiliate Link to Amazon


Strip-Smart Quilts

Discover 16 stunning designs using strip-piecing technique. by Kathy Brown - Paperback - Published 2011


Quilting: Strip Piecing (Kindle Edition)

Strip Piecing by Sarah Fielke is a showcase of the Strip Piecing quilting technique and style. Includes practical, user-friendly diagrams and templates to simplify instructions - perfect for both novice and experienced quilters. by Sarah Fielke - Published 2011


Still Stripping After 25 Years

Still Stripping" is a collection of 12 quilt patterns, some traditional, some contemporary. The patterns are based on 2.5" fabric strips. by Eleanor Burns - Hardcover - Published 2003

Strip Piecing (Video)

Strip piecing is a common quilting technique used to create four-patches. Learn how to make a four-patch by following this strip-piecing video tutorial. Your Tube


Strip Savvy

2 1/2"-Strip Quilting Designs by Kate Henderson - Paperback - Published 2014

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