Add interesting accents to quilts with these books.

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Quilting Your Style

Make-it-unique embellishing techniques. by Leah Fehr - Paperback - Published 2009 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Beading Artistry for Quilts

Use beads and simple stitches to create magnificent texture, dimension, and lifelike details on any quilt. by Thom Atkins - Paperback - Published 2012


Creative Uses for Decorative Stitches

Take your quilts to the next level of creativity by using the decorative stitches built into your sewing machine. by Linduska - Paperback - Published 2012


Enhance Your Quilts - Embellish!

This handy guide to embellishing includes tips on how to make your own embellishments as well as how to employ them on quilt surfaces. by Terry White - Paperback - Published 2011


First-Time Beading on Fabric

Complete step-by-step instructions and how-to for beading on fabric. by Liz Kettle - Paperback - Published 2012


Your Machine's Decorative Stitches

Learn to use all of the stitches that come with your sewing machine. Go past straight stitches and zigzags, and pump your quilts with surface design excitement. by Karen Linduska - Paperback - Published 2011

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