15 Gift Ideas for Quilters & Sewers

15 Awesome Gift Ideas for Quilters and Sewers


Here is our list of tools that every quilter and sewer should have. Any of these items would make great gifts for the holidays.

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KaMsnaps Starter Pack

1. KAMSnaps Starter Pack - KAM snaps are made of a strong, durable plastic resin which can be used snap together a variety of projects; such as baby items, clothing, craft projects, purses, totes, towel toppers, etc.

Clover Needle Threader

2. Clover Needle Threader - Threading needles is as easy as pushing a button with a Clover Needle Threader.

Sewing Clips

3. Sewing Clips - Sewing clips are popular among quilters. They use them instead of pins to hold quilt binding and other fabric crafts together. Every sewing room should have these.

sliding gauge measuring tool

4. 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge Measuring Sewing Tool - A multi-functional sliding gauge for easy marking. When sewing, this handy tool can be used to marking button holes; seam allowance gauge; hem gauge; circle compass; T gauge.

Dritz Quick Turn

5. Dritz Quick Turn - A Dritz Quick Turn Tool is a must-have tool in any sewing room. This tool turns long tubes quickly and easily.

OttLite SlimLine Task Lamp

6. OttLite SlimLine Task Lamp - The OttLite 13-watt SlimLine Task Lamp is the perfect lamp for a desk, craft table, sewing machine table or home office. A great addition to any sewing room.

Sewing Scrap Caddy

7. Sewing Scrap Caddy - The Sewing Scrap Caddy by Everything Mary is a must have accessory for a sewing, quilting and crafting space. It is what is needed to hold all the scraps while working on the next masterpiece.

Gypsy Gripper

8. Gypsy Quilter Gripper - Cutting fabric is easier when an Gypsy Quilter Gripper is attached to a quilting ruler. It has a comfortable handle and 2 large suction cups with hand lock and release levers.

Omnigrid Quilters Travel Case

9. Quilters Travel Case - This professional case, designed for the traveling quilter, comfortably fits unfinished quilt blocks up to 12-1/2-inch plus many notions and the reinforced frame provides stability. An ideal gift for quilters who travel to quilting retreats and classes.

Quilting Gloves

10. Quilting Gloves - Quilting gloves make machine piecing and free-motion quilting easier. These gloves by Machingers have soft, flexible fingertip grip that give full control when sewing. The gloves are form-fitting, seamless and made of breathable fabric.

Magnetic Pin Bowl

11. Magnetic Pin Bowl - Quilters and sewers can keep pins stored safely with this magnetic pin bowl. It can also be used for storing other items, such as small parts, needles, paper clips, etc.

Ormigrid cutting and pressing station

12. Ormigrid Portable Cutting and Pressing station - Omnigrid Fold-Away Portable Cutting and Pressing Station has a gridded cutting mat on one side and a non-stick ironing surface on the other. It can be used on any work surface making it convenient for trimming,foundation piecing and cutting around templates.

Quilter's Slidelock

13. Quilter's Slidlock Rulers - The Quilters Slidelock is a non-slip quilting ruler for rotary cutting. It holds the fabric securely, protects fingers, and most importantly, is easy to use.

Stackable Storage Container

14. Stackable Storage Container - The Bins & Things storage container is a lightweight clear plastic storage container which allows you to conveniently keep your sewing and crafting supplies like thread spools, bobbins, beads, scrapbooking supplies, nail art supplies, small hardware, arts and crafts accessories & more!

Rotating Cutting Mat

15. Rotating Cutting Mat - The Calibre Art rotating cutting mat features an expertly designed rotating mechanism that makes rotation very smooth with a non-slip bottom base and the cutting surface spins with ease. The self-healing nature of the mat’s surface compound enables resealing of surface cuts and a long-lasting smooth surface.

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15 Awesome Gift Ideas for Quilters and Sewers

15 Awesome Gift Ideas for Quilters and Sewers

15 Awesome Gift Ideas for Quilters and Sewers

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