Gathering in a basic sewing technique which is used in many sewing project.   This video and step-by-step instructions show how to gather using the basting method with two basting stitches.

  1. Set the sewing machine to the longest stitch length.  This is called a basting stitch.
  2. Stitch a line of basting stitches where the seam line will be, making sure not to backtack at beginning or end of the row.  Leave at least a 3" to 4" tail when you snip the threads.
  3. Sew another line of stitches 1/4" inside the seam allowance, parallel to the first row again making sure no to backtack at the beginning and end of the row.
  4. Take the top two threads you have sewn and carefully pull and push the fabric to create your gathers.
  5. Evenly distribute the gathers across the fabric
  6. Finish sewing your seam according to the pattern directions.

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