Seam - How to sew a Flat Felled Seam

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A flat felled seam is commonly seen on sportswear and menswear.  It is a strong flat seam that will not fray.  This tutorial shows how to make a flat felled seam, commonly seen on jeans and denim jackets, that has two rows of stitches on the right side of the fabric.

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1. With wrong sides of fabric together, sew a 5/8" seam allowance or amount specified in your pattern, backtacking at the beginning and end of seam.
2. Trim one seam allowance to 1/4" from the stitched seam line.
3. Press flat the larger seam allowance toward the trimmed seam allowance.
4. Fold the larger seam allowance under enclosing the trimmed seam allowance and pin.
5. Edgestitch close to fold.
6. A second row a stitches close to the first row can be sewn, if desired.

What's all you have to do to sew a flat felled seam. This seam is quite easy once you know the technique.

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