Machine Quilting

Learn how to machine quilt a quilt top.

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60 Machine Quilting Patterns

Convenient collection of 60 patterns, specially designed to make machine quilting quick and easy. by Pat Holly, Sue Nickels - Paperback - Published 1994 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Hand & Machine Quilting Tips & Tricks

Quilt Like the Experts Easy-to-Use Quick Reference Guide From Planning to Perfect Stitching. by Harriet Hargrave - Spiral-bound - Published 2007


Continuous Line Quilting Designs

Here are 86 great designs—attractive geometric, garden, and other motifs—without complicated starts and stops. by Pat Cody - Paperback - Published 2001 Affiliate Link to Amazon


How and Why to Bring Thread to Quilt Surface

This quick tip tutorial will explain how and why it is important to bring the bobbin thread to the top of the quilt when machine quilting.



This video and photo tutorial will show you how to quilt the layers together of a simple baby quilt. This is part of our learn to quilt series.

Longarm Quilting

What is longarm quilting? Learn more here. Stone Valley Quilting

Machine Quilt - Rope Borders

How to quilt rope borders. Ludlow Quilt and Sew

Machine Quilting

Brief discussion of machine quilting. Quilting 101

Machine Quilting - Cross Hatching (Video)

A video showing how to do cross hatching using triangle template. You Tube

Machine Quilting - Cross Hatching (Video)

A video on how to do cross hatching using a quilting ruler. You Tube


Machine Quilting - How to Machine Quilt a Design

A video on how to machine quilt.

Machine Quilting - No-Mark Quilting

Create a stitching path without marking your fabric. Threads


Machine Quilting - Stitch in the Ditch

This video tutorial is on how to stitch in the ditch using your sewing machine.

Machine Quilting - Tips

Tips and more. Batts in the Attic

Machine Quilting - Tips & Tricks

Straight line quilting & free-form quilting.

Machine Quilting - Using Sewing Machine (Video)

A short video on how to machine quilt with a regular sewing machine. You Tube

Machine Stippling (Video)

A video on how to machine stipple. You Tube

Quilting - Stitches

Different types of stitches sandwich the quilt together. Learn the different types here. Quilt Chat

Quilting Made Easy

Now, machine quilting is easy. Beginning and experienced quilters can get perfect results every time using these tear away patterns. Each continuous border design adjusts easily to fit the length and width of your borders. Quilting Made Easy

Quilting with Embroidery Design

Learn how to machine quilt using an embroidery design. Embroidery Library

Sewing Machines - Free Continuous Lines

These free Continuous Lines Sewing Machines stitch out continuously - no back tracking, so are perfect for Quilting. Imagine how cute these would be used as background blocks on a Quilt or Tote Bag. Kreative Kiwi Embroidery

Stipple Quilting Files

Free stipple quilting files compliments of Embroidery Garden Embroidery Garden


Free motion quilting filler designs - videos on dozens of quilting designs. Day Style Designs


How to machine free motion stippling. Little Birdie Secrets


Video of quilt stippling. Threads

Stippling (Video)

A short demonstration of using a stipple pattern to quilt a quilt You Tube

Stippling - Machine Embroidery Stippling

Free design download. Singer

Stippling and MicroStippling

Learn how to machine stippling. Day Style Designs

Stippling Designs

Free stippling designs to use with embroidery machine. Kreative Kiwi


T-Shirt Quilt - Part 3: Deciding How to Quilt

This tutorial is about deciding how to quilt a T-shirt quilt - yourself or a professional long-arm quilter.


T-Shirt Quilt - Part 5: Machine Quilt a T-Shirt Quilt

Learn how to machine quilt a t-shirt quilt or any quilt with straight-line quilting.

Tiger Tape

A tiger tape tutorial. Article by Marty52 Textiles In Time

What is Stippling?

An article explaining quilt stippling. Wise Geek

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