Free sewing projects & tutorials for i pods, cell phones, kindle covers, i pad covers, etc.

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Bag - Laptop Bag

This articles shows how to turn old jeans into a laptop bag. Habit of Art

Bag - Laptop Bag

Create a laptop bag with purchased or recycled denim fabric. Made By Petchy

CD Holder

A tutorial for a CD holder for your car. Bethany Sew-&-Sew

CD Holder - CD Pocket

Easy sewing project which holds six CDs. Mushroom Villagers

CD Holder - Funky CD Holder

Another project using fabric scraps. Hope Studios

CD Holder - Visor CD Holder

A free tutorial on how to make a CD holder. Quilting In The Rain

CD Holder - Windshield Visor CD Holder

Quick and easy sewing project - CD holder.

Cell Phone Case

Express individually by creating your own cell phone case.


Cell Phone Case - Sock Cell Phone Case

Do you want to one-of-a-kind cell phone case for your cell phone? Do you need a cell phone case to protect your phone? Watch this tutorial to learn a quick, inexpensive and fun way to protect your phone from getting scratched by making a sock cell phone cozy. Needlepointers Staff


Cord Wrap

No more tangled wires around the house or while traveling. Grab some scrap fabric and sew up some fabric electric cord or charger cord wraps. Keep your cords organized and tidy. Watch this free beginner sewing project tutorial.


eReader Sleeve (Kindle, Nook, Tablet)

YouTube instructional video on how to make a sleeve cover for your Kindle, Nook or Tablet.

iPad Cozy

A tutorial on how to sew a fleece iPad cover. Craft Sanity

iPod Carrying Case

How to make a iPod carrying case from fabric. Instructables

iPod Case

Learn how to sew an iPod carring case from fabric. wikiHow

iPod Case

How to sew a iPod carring case. Wonder How To

iPod Case

A sewing tutorial for making an iPod case. Bits and Pieces

iPod Holder

Learn how to sew a playful iPod holder. Better Homes and Garden

iPod or Cell Phone Cover

Instructions for sewing an iPod or cell phone cover. Joann

iPod/iPhone Stand

Make fun little bean bag stand that will prop your iPod or other device up for you! Fairfield

Kindle Case

This site shows how to make a kindle case. Chica and Jo

Kindle Sleeve

A cover for the Kindle. 6 Crafty Cats

Laptop - Envelope Laptop Case

A laptop case is a great accessory for any techie. Connecting Threads

Laptop - Felt Laptop Cover

Free laptop cover project. Joann

Laptop Tote

Sew this tote for an easy way to carry a laptop. Craft and Fabric Links

Nook Cover

A free project on sewing a Nook cover. Cut Out and Keep

Nook or Kindle Case

A tutorial on how to sew a Nook or Kindle case to protect it. Little Birdie Secrets

Phone Charging Caddy

This phone charging caddy helps keep your phone off the floor and wires organized while on the go. Warm Company

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