All about needles - sewing machine needles, hand sewing needles, etc.


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img Me and My Sewing Machine
Excellent step-by-step photography along with easy-to-understand instructions detail the various kinds of seams, how to put in a zipper or hem, and it even includes patterns for some fun projects. by Kate Haxell - Paperback - Published 2010
Hand Needles
All about the different types of hand needles.
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Hand Sewing Needle Chart
A needle chart reference - Needles are available with different eye shapes (long, round, etc.), come in different lengths and come with different points (sharp, round, blunt, ball-point, wedge). Fiber Images
Machine Needle - Choosing
An article on choosing the correct needle for the sewing project. All free Crafts
Machine Needle Know-How
With all the different types of sewing machine needles, learn how to choose the right one. Threads
Machine Needles
Are you confused about sewing machine needle sizes. Learn here. Clotide
Machine Needles
All about sewing machine needles.
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Machine Needles
Manufacturer/Needle Cross Reference chart. Sews,com
Machine Needles - Anatomy of a needle
This site explains the parts of a needle. Threads
Machine Needles - Cross-Reference Chart
A needle reference guide. International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society
Machine Needles - Needle Types
An overview of sewing machine needles - standard, decorative and special-purpose needles. Threads
Machine Needles - Sewing Machine Needles
Understanding the numbers associated with sewing machine needles - American and European. Sewing
Machine Needles - Singer
A guide to Singer sewing machine needles. Singer
Know your hand-sewing needles. Craft Stylish
Don't throw sewing machine needles and pins into the trash. Learn how to dispose of broken and bent needles and pins safely. Watch Video.
To keep track of the needles that I have taken off my machine but that still have some life left in them, I use one of the old-fashioned tomato-shaped pincushions. Mark each section with the size and type of needle, using a black permanent marking pen. Quilter's Review
Needles - Wing Needle
What is a wing needle A brief article on wing needles. Wise Geek
Needles - Wing Needles
What is a wing needle? What are its uses? Secrets of Embroidery
All about the different types of pins.
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Sewing Machine Needles
All about sewing machine needles. Dove Originals Trims
Sewing Needle Tutorial
Learn all about sewing machine needles. Reanna Lily Designs
Spiral Eye Needles - Self-threading Needles
Spiral Eye hand sewing needles easily allow thread through an opening on the side. Once threaded, it stays threaded. Spiral Eye Needles
Threading - How to Thread a Needle and Tie a Knot
Step-by-step instructions. eHow
Threading Needle
A video to teach you how to thread a needle by hand. How Cast
Universal Needle
What is a universal needle? Wise Geek

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