How to make a Flat Bow (tutorial)

Flat Bow Tutorial

One of the nice ways to jazz up cards and invitations is to add a ribbon bow.

What if the ribbon is patterned on one side? You do not want to bow to look like this.

Flat Bow Tutorial

The video tutorial and written instructions below explain how to tie a perfect flat bow using a single-sided pattern ribbon.

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Flat Bow Tutorial


1. Make a loop with the tail end on the top. With your thumb and forefinger hold the ribbon together.

2. Wrap the ribbon (right side up) around the front over your thumb to form a small loop.

3. Give the ribbon a half-twist on the back.

4. Make a loop and push it through the small center loop.

5. Gentle pull both loops to tighten the center knot.

6. Adjust the bow to the size you want and trim the ends.

Flat Bow Tutorial

This bow is good for greeting cards, scrapbook pages, invitations and other crafts.

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