Background Techniques 

Learn about various background techniques when rubber stamping.


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Background Stamp
How to use background stamps. Stampin' Up
Background Techniques
Background techniques include sponging, framing and masking; in addition to faux finishes and balloon textures. Learn more by clicking the link. The Stampin' Place
Brayer - Rubber Brayer
A rubber brayer is used to create background for your stamping projects. Instructions on how to use a rubber brayer. The Stampin' Place
Brayer - Rubber Brayer
How to use a rubber brayer to create a unique background. The Stampin' Place
Brayer Techniques
Learn how and when to use the basic types of brayers for the art of stamping.
Bubble Paper
Learn how to make your own bubble paper. The Stampin' Place
Chalk Dragging
A background technique. Go Make Something
Creative Paper Textures
Bubble Texturing, Marble Texturing,Double Stick Tape, Colored Deckle Edge and more. Stampin' Place
Marbelized Background
Try this technique and turn your next background into a marble masterpiece. Ultimate Rubber Stamp Mall
Marble Paper
Make your own marble paper. The Stampin' Place
Masking - What Is Masking?
Let's say you'd like to stamp a flock of geese flying across the face of a mountain. How could you do that without having the images overlap? MASKING, that's how! Ultimate Rubber Stamp Mall
Masking Techniques
Masking is the technique of covering a stamped image so that other images may be placed partly over it without the overlapping area being visible. This technique will add depth and perspective to your art. It is a simple procedure. Learn how... The Stampin' Place
Toilet Paper Dabbing
This is a unique background technique. Go Make Something

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