Finishing Techniques

How do you finish your quilt? Borders? Bindings? Backings? Tying? You will find useful articles on all these finishing subjects so you will be able to finish your project to perfection.

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Alternative Finishes

Learn other types of finishes for your quilt; such as prairie points, scallops. by Shelley Rodgers

Birthing a Quilt (Pillow-case Method)

Learn this method of finishing a quilt. Fabric Mill

Hanging Quilt

A way to hang quilts that is easy and fast! 42 Quilts


Hanging Quilt

This quick tip explains how to hang a quilted wall hanging using plastic rings. This is a quick and easy method.


Hanging Sleeve (Quilt Sleeve)

This video will explain how to prepare a quilt or wall hanging to hang on the wall by sewing a sleeve on the back of the project.


How to Tie A Quilt

This video will show you how to tie a quilt. This is a quick and easy way to hold quilt layers together.


Pillowcase Finish - Finish Quilt without Binding

Learn how to finish a quilt without using a binding. This quilt finishing technique is referred to as the pillow case method or the envelope method. This method is appropriate for small quilts, such as baby quilts, and quilt hangings. It is a quick and easy way to finish a quilt.


Quilt Rod - Hanging A Quilt

How to make a rod for hanging a quilt or wall hanging and how to hang it on the wall. This project uses a hanging sleeve or quilt sleeve on the back of the quilt.

Squaring - Squaring A Quilt (Video)

A video on how to square a quilt. Wonder How To

Squaring - Squaring Quilt Block

Learn how to square a quilt block.

Squaring - Squaring Up A Quilt

Learn how to trim a quilt in order to square it up.

Squaring - Squaring Up Quilt Borders

Learn how... wikiHow

Tying - Continuous Ties

A simple method for tying a quilt is to make square knots that hold the layers together. Quiltmaker

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