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Quilt Labels
The four "W"s of quilts and quilt projects. Who? When? Where? Why? Quilts and quilt projects should include this information to preserve the identify of the project so future generations know about it. A quilt label fulfills this objective. Learn more here.
Colorful Images - Personalized Sewing Labels
ATTENTION QUILTERS AND SEWERS! Do you need a personalized label project? Colorful Images has a selection. To see the top sewing labels, at Colorful Images click the label category. Then click on sewing labels. They have a very nice assortment for which to choose.
Iron-on Transfers for Quilt Labels
These fast and easy transfers are ideal for labeling your quilt. by Barbara Baatz - Paperback - Published 1999 Amazon
Quilt Labels
50 Nifty Iron-On Quilt Labels by Kooler Design Studio - Paperback - Published 2006 Amazon
Envelope Quilt Label
The basics of the envelope quilt label. Shelley Rodgers
Fabric Labels
Allyson Hill's tutorial on how to make your own fabric labels. Allyson Hill
Printable Made-By Label
Complement every quilt project with a customized, printable "Made by" label. Use your favorite photos and text to add that special touch to your hand made creations. Hewlett-Packerd
Printable Quilt Label
A printable label. Laura's Sewing Studio
Printable Quilt Labels
Quilt labels which can be printed on fabric. Victoriana Quilt Design
Printable Quilt Labels
Printable Labels Sew A Quilt
Quilt Label
Learn how to add machine embroidered text inside a unique frame design to make a label that's as cool as your creations! Urban Threads
Quilt Label
This article explain about making quilt labels for handmade quilts. Ideas for Quilting.com
Quilt Label - Custom Photo
Learn more here. Hewlett-Packerd
Quilt Label - Making a Quilt Label
Learn how to make a quilt label Sew A Quilt
Quilt Labels
Customize and printable quilt labels. Quilt With Us


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