Paint Color and Brand Conversion Charts

Are you looking for a paint color conversion chart?  You are at the right place!

There are so many times I've needed to find a similar color paint when I can't find a brand that's listed in a painting project.

At times, there is the need to change the type of paint for a project I'm working on.

Some times it is necessary to find an acrylic paint color to match an oil paint. (I love acrylic paints!)  If you happen to enjoy using acrylic paint as much as I do, you will surely want to check out this Acrylic Painting page for inspiration!

This is the perfect time to use a paint color conversion chart.  On this page, you can find links to many helpful conversion charts.

There are so many grades of paint in which to choose. It is possible to find craft paints, student paints, and artist grade paints along with the color conversions for various brands.

The conversion charts you will find on this page make it easy to find the various names that brands use for their colors. 

For example, when looking for gray, you will find "charcoal gray", "dark grey" and "Payne's gray", and they will all be interchangeable depending on the brand you prefer and of those of which there is easy access.

Some of the paint conversion charts will even show where a particular paint brand and color can be purchased. Check out this extremely helpful conversion chart on the last page of the acrylic art tutorial to find many paint brands, colors, and places to purchase.

Just use the links below to find the right paint conversion chart for you!

Paint Color and Brand Conversion Charts

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Acrylic Paint Conversion Chart PDF

Conversion chart for Delta, Artist's Loft, Liquitex Basics, Liquitex Heavy Body, Golden Acrylics, Winsor & Newton Galenia, Winsor & Newton Artist's Acrylic, Grumbacher Academy Acrylic.

Americana to Ceramcoat conversion chart - Delta Creative


Apple Barrel to Crafter's Acrylic Conversion Chart PDF

Conversion chart. Deco Art

DecoArt Color Conversion Charts

Charts to convert Accent, Aleene's, Delta and Folk Art to DecoArt Americana. Deco Art

DecoArt Discontinued Americana Acrylic colors

A chart with a substitute color for the discontinued Americana Acrylic paint. Chris Haughey Designs

DecoArt Traditions to Americana Acrylics Conversion Chart PDF

Color conversion chart. Deco Art

Delta Ceramcoat Acrylics to DecoArt Americana Acrylics PDF

Color conversion chart Barbara Nielsen Designs

Delta Ceramcoat to Americana Acrylics PDF

A color conversion chart of Delta Ceramcoat to Americana Acrylics. Deco Art

Delta Ceramcoat to Americana Acrylics Color Conversion Chart

Chris Thornton Designs

Delta Ceramcoat to Americana Acrylics Color Conversion Chart


Delta Discontinued Colors to Delta Ceramcoat

Substitutions possible for discontinued Delta colors. Hiller Productions

Derivan Matisse Flow to Americana Acrylics Conversion Chart PDF

A handy conversion chart. Deco Art

Folk Art to Ceramcoat Conversion Chart - Delta Creative


FolkArt to Americana Acrylics PDF

A conversion chart from Plaid Folk Art to Americana Acrylics Deco Art

Jo Sonja Color Conversion Chart PDF

Jo Sonja Artist's Colours to Americana Acrylics Deco Art

Jo Sonja's Colour Conversion Chart

A downloadable conversion chart that converts Accent Country Colour, Decoart Americana, Delta Ceramcoat & Plaid Folk Art Paints all to Jo Sonja's! DocPlayer

Oil and Acrylic Paints Conversion Chart PDF

Use this chart to make color conversions for oil and acrylics paints of various manufacturers - Delta, Accent, DecoArt and Folk Art. The Carving Bench

Plaid FolkArt to Americana Acrylics Color Conversion Chart


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